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Evolutionary Astrology is all about the journey of the Soul. This modality highlights where the Soul holds the perception of limitation and loss of personal power.  Our deepest desires and security needs, found in the chart, explain the shift in power from ourselves to external powers.  Understanding these very personal components invites large shifts to occur within our lives.


Astrology grants us perspective.


We arrive in this world when the sky is in perfect alignment to our karma/our lessons. Throughout our life, our chart flows with us, meeting us at higher levels as our consciousness evolves. 


There are energies present at all times.

Astrology is simply a language of those energies. Knowing the language of the planets allows us to align to the highest possible expression of these energies.





$200. for a 1.5 hour session

$150. for a 1 hour session


Astrology reads include:

  • Natal (birth) chart

  • Solar return 

  • Progression

  • Synastry 

  • or a combination of the above

*Smaller reads are available by request and at in-person events* 


* I now offer Evolutionary Astrology (EA) classes. Please reach out if you are interested! *



I was lucky to study Astrology from my gifted friend Meredith Swaim. Our time together was usually in person. I have such fond memories of sitting on my back porch or at my kitchen table soaking in her knowledge. It seems unreal to me right now that we carved out time together in person every week. The lesson times felt like easy slow times that often involved food, tea and stories. This timeless feeling was balanced with some very fast paced learning.


A few months later, a friend sent me a monthly Astrology update from an Evolutionary Astrologer named Sabrina Monarch. Something in me clicked. The name "Evolutionary Astrology" struck a chord within me. I had been looking at different Astrology avenues and had not yet found a practice that I fully resonated with. I studied with Sabrina for 3 years. Sabrina has a dynamic way of teaching that make the archetypes palatable. You understand and know them. You feel them. We’d meet up online as a group to learn, share stories, and discuss challenges (opportunities) or insights within charts. EA (Evolutionary Astrology) allowed me to sense the chart instead of analyze it.  This invites a grounded and embodied approach to Astrology.

I like to think of Astrology as a chessboard. We have pieces in strategic places. Some are familiar and comfortable, like the feeling we may have for old friends. Other pieces are new, exciting, scary or challengingin other words, opportunities for growth. Some pieces we may not know much about, much less how to work with them. While other parts of the chart may be operating as a solo flyer and have no idea that they are connected to the whole. Astrology is complex, just like us. After all, we have all of the Cosmos inside of us. By knowing the full expression of each player on our boardhigh, low and in between. We can make better moves and connect dots. This knowledge allows us to begin creating our life in high ways instead of being blown around by the current winds.

All photography and design Copyright © Stephanie Chesson 2023

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