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My photography journey started in 1990 following my graduation from the Journalism school at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. I was working in a restaurant and earning funds for a cross country exploration. I quickly realized that I needed way more in my life than temporary restaurant work could provide and began taking photography classes at my local community college. I never looked back.  I documented my cross country trip and quickly found a photography mentor  and job when I returned home four months later.  


I began working in this industry in 1991 and opened my own studio in May of 1995.   


To this day I have a thriving commercial based photography business that I truly enjoy.


After exploring a lot of different types of work within this industry, what truly interests me lies within the realm of people, nature, quirks within our reality and anything that awakens us at a deeper level.  

A feeling or a message that shows up in plain view or is hiding right under the surface.

My latest project is a Tarot Deck that I am producing through the lens of photography. The Tarot has gifted me new perspectives and allowed me to break through some of my conditioning regarding photography and my journey in this life. The deck has an edge of hyper realism that allows insights from this larger than life view.


Creating this deck has certainly taught me patience in a myriad of ways. Tarot has asked me to wait and allow the subject of my photography to show me the aspect they wish to present at this time. This could be a person, a leaf or a trash can. My practice is to put down my assumptions and intentions and simply allow information to flow my way. This is a beautiful lesson that continues to be integrated in higher ways.


Not only do I bring my Esoteric Art practices into my photography sessions; I am also booking sessions that intentionally combine these modalities. 


Please feel free to contact me if you would like to explore a vision or create within this realm.


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