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Solar Eclipse in Aries

April 8, 2024  2:20pm EST

The 4 of Water, The 9 of Air reversed and The Page of Water

Recently I heard someone muse about the desire for change within our old structures, systems, and ways of operating in this World.  

She said: “Be careful what you wish for, because you might just get it.”

Many of us have been watching this play out for quite a while and are so ready for something new.

And, in the beginning, it may have been easy to believe that we weren’t apart of all this.  

That we were somehow separate from these structures and systems, and, if they fell, it wouldn’t affect us that much.

But we were bathed, dressed and raised in this culture.  

So we have participated in this game in some way, shape or form for a long, long time.

We are not above it.  We are a part of it. 

The old is sitting all around us.  

Showing us what we have created personally and collectively, and asking us to face and change the underlying components that are holding us back.

I’m talking about those core underlying beliefs that keep us in a groundhog day cycle.

For example:

Our individual and collective attachments to the old.

Our habits and choices that are made in fear.

Our desire to get what we want or to prescribe outcome.

Our belief that we are separate and not part of the whole.

For me, this year has been challenging.  I wake up every morning with the old all around me.  

And, some days, it stays that way all day long.  

It’s in my face so that I can look at what I have created before I create something new.

I have been amazed to see how fear and division has dictated much of what we have done on this Earth plane.  It seems to be a core component within the foundation of our culture.

Recently I have changed a few things which are allowing a more forward momentum.

One is the acceptance of where I am.  

I am no longer judging or fighting.  Just accepting.

I also heard a piece of wisdom from the archives of @gurujagat that supports this acceptance.  She was suggesting that we put all of our attention on what is currently in front of us until it is time to move to the next and the next and the next.  

Moving with undivided attention and full presence.

For example, instead of trying to move past the old, like yesterday’s garbage, I am being present to it and with it.  I am looking at what I have created and then recreating in a higher, more sustainable way. 

This is helping tremendously.

Another, is to drop any expectations about how things might unfold.

Creating for the sake of creating and dumping any prescribed outcome of how it should look or be. 


I am still working on this one:). 

It’s  super sneaky.  

In some ways I have always been doing this, and in other ways not at all.

But this lesson is a huge key for creating in this New World.


To create through love, curiosity, imagination and wonder.

To do what we love for the pure joy of it with no concerns about what we might gain or get from it.

Believing in magic.

Being magic.

Creating magic.

This allows room for the Universe to surprise and delight us.

To show us that we can indeed move from the entanglements of the old.

Mars and Saturn sit together (conjunct) in this Solar Eclipse chart. 


In Tarot, Mars is The Tower card.  Mars tears things apart so we can see what is underneath.  It disrupts the soil so we can plant a new seed.  Mars represents the energy we bring to our creations.  

Saturn is The World card.  It represents our reality and the consciousness in which it was created.

On the 10th, two days after this eclipse, these two planets meet up.  

Then on the 20th, Uranus and Jupiter come together to take us beyond our limiting beliefs.  Instilling us with hope and a channel of love.

So, we have help to see and move these old creations.

To begin creating with the seeds of love and innocence.

Much love on this Solar Eclipse in Aries!

These are my creations of The 4 of Water, The 9 of Air and the Page of Water.

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