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Areas of Expertise


Reiki is a Japanese energy modality that promotes healing, calming and a releasing of energies, that no longer serve us.  This practice promotes clarity, pain relief, as well as a general sense of well being.  Distance and studio sessions are available and they are often accompanied with Astrology and/or Tarot.  Prices range from $150. to $50.

Evolutionary Astrology

Evolutionary Astrology is a study of the Soul and it's evolution over life times, revealing our deepest desires and evolutionary purpose.  Readings can be done remotely or in person and, are often,  weaved in with Tarot or Reiki.  The skies are in perfect alignment to our Soul at the moment of our birth.  Throughout our life, our chart flows with us, becoming a symphony of opportunities and understanding.  It is a lens that allows a bird's eye view.  A higher perspective.  I am constantly amazed at how one's birth chart is continually providing deeper information as we continue to grow ... meeting us where we are.  Prices range from $150. for an in depth read to $50. for more specific in the moment guidance.


This is probably one of my favorite portals because of how grounding it is.  Tarot brings in a very clear and precise message.  The way Spirit speaks through cards is magical, profound and life changing.  I love mixing Tarot with Astrological charts or Reiki.  It's a pin point and an expansion point! Simply amazing.  Tarot Reads range from $35. to $150. depending on the size of the read and other tools that are utilized.

My Approach

My passion is in the mixing of all of the modalities.  A Reiki journey that starts with a Tarot card draw.  Reiki opportunities weaved in with the Tarot and an Astrology chart.  Reiki infused Tarot draws with tinges, or heaps, of Astrology.  We are extremely complex beings, thus the beauty is in the depths.

My Approach
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