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Astrology updates and Mercury Retrograde in Virgo

Wednesday, August 23, 2023

Yesterday was a very interesting day.

I had planned to write about Jupiter’s square to Venus and Neptune’s opposition to Mars. But, by the end of the day, I had no words. I was absorbing it all, without much emotion (thank you @laughingatus for the gift of neutrality).

I drew the Tower card and went to bed, but not before I heard @alizakelly talk about today’s Mercury retrograde.

What Aliza suggested is that this Mercury retrograde was here to show us how to do things in more efficient and beneficial ways.

It was a gift to hear this, and, I completely agree.

This World is changing, and, I believe that most people want things to change, but that means WE have to transform as well.

Mars has been running through Virgo. It is knocking down the walls that no longer serve us which allows for better intuition and energy flow.

Breaking down our defenses so that we can love more.

This is growth.

I find it so interesting how we don’t celebrate the Soul enough on this plane.

Our Soul is powerful and intense and has come here for a reason. It doesn’t care how things look to your neighbors. The Soul has a mission to complete. When we are shocked, upset or knocked off our perch, the Soul is ecstatic. It came here for these moments.

We have been so conditioned on this Earth plane to the energies of fear, worry, control, division and a belief that we are separate/alone. But none of that is the truth even if we have built a reality that governs and controls from that place.

This is a huge moment for our Earth and for those of us that are present here.

We are choosing to learn through love instead of fear, and, you and I are here to start building that new reality.

This sounds lovely.

However, it is not a magic wand.

It requires a lot of unlearning as well as a ton of trust, love, neutrality and surrender.

Yesterday I was being told to slow down. To take one moment at a time. To fully take it all in without judgment.

The message came through loud and clear.

Immediately after my Tower moment yesterday eve, I was approached by a black cat. This morning I woke up to a deceased butterfly on the screen of my back porch. Magic, prosperity, transformation, luck.

Know that whatever is getting knocked down is moving you in a better direction.

Here’s to unlearning our reactions to the “good and bad” and diving into the unknown like a playful, innocent child that is full of curiosity, wonder and excitement.

These are my creations of The Tower (Mars), The Hanged Man (Neptune), and The Fool (Uranus, which is currently trine Mars and sextile Neptune).

This is a journey and a ride unlike any other. Soak it in. Your Soul sure is.

Lastly, please know that there are disruptions/“problems” and then there are seriously tough times. This post is not about glossing over something devastating that has happened.

Much love,


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