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I start with a Tarot card draw and allow the energy within the cards to infuse your Reiki session. Then I begin to stir these three modalities together.  Tarot is the truth teller.  It presents what needs to be addressed in our life and provides suggestions for movement within these life lessons.  I utilize the Astrology chart for deeper messages, insights, intention and integration.  We are extremely complex beings and profound beauty and wisdom is held within these beautiful depths.

I do this mix on a regular basis with some of my clients. This practice allows forward movement through the conscious awareness of present energies and the ability to create a life that moves through and with the flow of our seasons.  


This approach utilizes self-help strategies that are designed specifically for you…straight from your map.  



3 hours in person studio: $325. 

3 hours distanced: $300.

All photography and design Copyright © Stephanie Chesson 2023

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