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Chiron in Aries square Mercury in Cancer

July 6, 2023

Anybody out there been feeling a little stuck?

Nicely, we can use the fire of today’s Chiron/Mercury square to propel us forward.

With Pluto square the Nodes, AND, our world being stranger than strange, our response may be to try and secure any means of comfort and safety that we can.

In other words, doubling down on anything that feels like our old security blanket.

It is obvious that we are moving forward into new realms both personally and collectively.

This is so exciting and, at the same time, very scary.

What happens when everything changes and we lose our map and our old navigation tools?

It can be intimidating, especially if we let our mind run the show.

But, perhaps we allow our Soul to lead the way. After all, the personality self is simply a construct that the Soul created for this mission here on Earth.

When I think of it through this lens, I get way more flexible and I drop a lot of my defenses.

Mercury in Cancer wants to self soothe.

I am seeing an image of a person sitting on a couch with tea, food, and a comfy blanket.

Chiron in Aries wants to emerge and show the world our gifts.

It doesn’t have time for couch sitting.

Aries wants a new adventure.

What is inside of you that is desiring to break out and be free? What gifts does Chiron want to release within you?

This morning when I woke up I remembered something that is so very important.

Our journey on Earth is simple if we let it be.

It is just me against me.

You against you.

No one else is involved.

We are the ones that write our script and invite the actors and actresses to play out the scene.

Therefore, you, and only you, are the one in charge of your world including what you see and engage with daily.

Allow this truth to guide you as you break through the fear and embrace a new direction with love.

Your Soul is calling. Let it take your hand and show you the way.

You are never alone.

This is my creation of The Judgement card.

Much love today!



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