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Chiron in Aries trine Venus in Leo

June 29, 2023

Chiron in Aries trine Venus in Leo

Yesterday I was chatting with my best friend from high school. She was saying that it is hard for her to get motivated to do her job anymore because she is no longer aligned to it.

Nicely she is making plans to move on.

My thought was, “well you are right on time.”

As a society we just don’t want to do what isn’t important to us anymore.

This puts a smile on my face!

Why does life need to be drudgery? What is even the point?

How did we ever get sold this idea of working for money while our passions die a slow and painful death?

I am seeing the image of someone coming home from work and needing to “get over their day” via mind numbing TV, junk food, a sofa, too many drinks, etc..

And that just isn’t living!

It’s numbing.

Our abundance doesn’t even come from this reality.

The money game is made up.

And if we engage in this game, we often end up feeling like there is never going to be enough resources to keep us “safe”.

It results in a life of fear. Always worrying about what is coming.

We are all inherently valuable and worthy.


There is no hierarchy within creation.

And there is no need to slave away at something that we don’t find valuable or sustainable.

As this old reality surrenders to the new, know that you are a part of the force that is creating a different way of BEing on Earth.

I like to think of us as a bridge from the old to the new.

What are you passionate about? What gifts do you wish to share? What type of reality would you like to construct?

Today is a good day to start building your dream. It can be as simple as closing your eyes and picturing the life you desire. Allow a vision to bubble up from within and percolate within your system.

It does not need to make logical sense just follow your inspiration.

Enjoy the imagery until you begin to believe it, create it and live it.

This is my creation of the Ace of Fire.

May the flame of inspiration propel us forward towards our vision of the future.



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