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Full Moon in Aries

September 29, 2023

The 10 of Fire, The Fool and The 5 of Earth reversed

I pulled cards for the Fall Equinox but they never got further than my coffee table.

It happens, right?

They did, however, live on in my mind even though I didn't find the time to bring them down to my computer.

2 of the three cards from that pull showed up again in this read. The 5 of Earth and The Fool.

So perhaps we didn't miss anything.

So, how is everyone doing out there?

It’s pretty crazy isn’t it?

Every single one of my days lately has a minimum of 3 big unexpected things going on.

Last night I wrote in my gratitude journal that I was grateful to have reasons not to go out and socialize (as that just adds more to my plate to unpack later).

It is Thursday night and the Full Moon is tomorrow morning at 5:57am EST, but I can already feel the energy releasing.

I am noticing how important it is at this time to make decisions based on what is truly important.

There just isn’t time to be scattering or dispersing your energy.

We definitely are in new territory. And, while that feels unfamiliar and uncertain, there is an air of excitement and freshness.

It is the type of energy that seems free, unbound, unrestrained and unafraid.

I have laughed a few times lately when I found myself thinking: “what if you just didn’t do all these tasks that are so boring and outdated, and instead did exactly what you want to do?”

I can even picture myself getting up and happily leaving the mess on my desk as I head into a new experience.

And, I have joked with people lately, about how I am positive that we must have come all the way down here to Earth to sit at our desks and do mundane tasks. Ha!

Sure does seem like a good use of our time here, right?

So it begins, as we jump into this “World made New” vibration.

And, as we do embark on this journey, our bodies, behaviors, values, and all the Earthly things, begin to shift as well.

I can’t remember if it was in 2020 or in 2021, but I had a dream where everyone was out and about. It seemed like a party but nobody was drunk or high on substances.

It was daylight and the streets were full of life and a feeling of community.

As we made our way to a restaurant not one person scrambled for a drink or food menu. We had so much to share and discuss and that is what our focus was on. It felt exciting and brand new.

Once in a while I tune into that energy of inspiration and creativity so I can ground it down and bring it into the future.

If you have no idea what I am talking about, please know one thing for sure.

You are a powerful aspect of God/Universe/Quantum/Nature/Divine … whatever you desire to call it.

You are here for a reason.

And, whatever hardships you are facing right now are for you.

They are yours to face and move past.

Then you will begin to know “who you are, what you are and how you serve.” - Paul Selig.

And, once you know your power you will also know everyone else’s as well.

Much love on this Full Moon eve!

These are my creations of the 10 of Fire, the Fool and the 5 of Earth.



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