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Full Moon in Cancer

December 26, 2023 7:33pm EST

Collective Read

The 2 of Water, The Moon reversed, and The 6 of Water reversed

What if our only way out of this craziness was to love each other? … Even if the other party/person/country/etc., etc., etc. could not do the same?

Could you love them anyway?

Could you look past the fight and see the little boy or girl that this person once was (or the collective little children that this group once was)?  Could you witness and love the parts of them that have caused them pain, suffering, separateness, etc.?

Right now our unconscious parts are coming up and out for us to see (personally and collectively).

So we can witness what we have created before we create something new.

This may show up as a lot of fear in your system.  

Maybe you see what was behind your behavior that you didn’t know was there.  

Perhaps there is a part of you that was demanding a certain outcome.

Often we come to the realization, during this type of unearthing, that we are no better, or worse, than any other human.  We all have our stuff.

Don’t judge yourself or others.  

Find new pathways.

Witness what is coming up, learn from it, and then open the door to let it go.

You are not going in this old direction, you simply have to untangle yourself from it.

As each one of us becomes more conscious we move to a higher vibration or tone. 

The lower field is governed by fear.

The higher field is a place where fear can not be held.  

There is only love. 

You can certainly go down to the lower and experience fear.  And, you can also come back up when you are ready to experience something different. 


You can do this as much as you like.  

You are the driver of your own bus.

Where we are going is to a place of innocence.

On this Earth plane we have often felt unsafe with innocence.  

We believe we will be taken advantage of or hurt.  

Innocence is often associated with children that need protection since they haven’t yet learned the rules of this Earth plane.

But the rules on this Earth plane are changing, and, with our newfound wisdom, we can return to that childlike wonder, magic and awe.

We have, in the past, thought that we needed to be careful who we love since that person could take advantage of us or see us as weak.  Perhaps we think that the love we give them will make them more powerful over us.  But fear does that.  Unconditional love brings light and light is knowledge.

The trick to this is to look at the way God/Quantum/The Divine loves us.

God loves the child that wars as much as the child that brings love.

The Divine is neutral.  

There is no good or bad.  

There just is.

God does not demand a certain outcome from us in order to love us.

The Divine sees all of our parts and loves us anyway.

There is nothing we can do to not be loved by that which created us.

Innocence is also a state of neutrality.  

A place where we are haven’t learned to classify things as “awful” or “the best.”

In innocence we love everything simply because it exists (and therefore has a right to be).  

Everything is a blessing when you are love.

We trust that we will always get what we need.

Not always what we want, but what we need.

And that too is a blessing.

Our job is simply to do everything with love and then surrender the outcome.  

God/Quantum, etc. goes where it needs to go.  

That is not our job.

Our job is to bring our love.

I was talking to a friend on Christmas night about how I used to shy away from being loving and engaging with certain people because I thought they didn’t like me.  I just couldn’t handle their reaction to my love at that point and time.

But now I fully engage with love.  

How it is received is not my job or my concern.  At all.

Everyone needs love.  Love allows for growth. 

During this season of love, perhaps we can bring our love to a new place and witness what happens.  Maybe our perspective changes, or we witness a miracle, who knows!

This exercise has always been a source of magic for me.

Much love on this Full Moon in Cancer!

These are my creations of The 2 of Water, The Moon and The 6 of Water.

This teaching is based off of my interpretation of The Guides work through @paulselig.



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