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Full Moon in Gemini

November 27, 2023

The Devil reversed, The Sun and the 5 of Air

Well I am weighing in on this Moon a bit late as it has been a busy time for me.

It does, however, feel appropriate to attend the party, even if I am running behind.

So here it goes.

I am going to make this simple and quick.

It is time to put down the things you do that function as soothing mechanisms.

This is the stuff you do to “check out”.

The time wasters.

It is also where you “Dance with the Devil.”

And, as you know, the Devil likes to dance :)

Things like having one too many drinks, numbing out on other substances, scrolling endlessly on social media, eating when you are not hungry.

The things you do when you are in your unconscious but still awake.

In the past some of us have thought of this as “relaxing”, but it actually takes us out of our power and our strength. They drain your energy instead of amplifiying it.

Instead of checking out, reach for your creative energy.

Dance, sing, create art, or a deep conversation. Play like a kid, lay in the sun, move your body. Read a good book. Etc..

This is why we are here.

To Create.

Not to React.

To Create.

We certainly do create our own reality.

So it stands to reason that when we create unconsciously, we will most likely receive a whole bunch of something that we don’t want.

This creative energy also allows our mind to have a rest so that a bigger idea can find a way in.

In this crazy, crazy World we are constantly trying to figure things out.

But the mind is not meant for that task.

However, an open, playful and creative heart allows new pathways and thought forms to come in.

Perhaps we even begin to re-member who we actually are.

Much love on this Full Moon in Gemini that was yesterday!

These are my creations of The Devil, The Sun and The 5 of Air



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