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Full Moon in Pisces

August 30, 2023

Card draw: Death/Rebirth, 10 of Fire and 4 of Earth

Our power lies within our ability to love, create and help each other.

To share and exchange our gifts.

To circulate amongst different cultures, ideas and ways of being.

To learn.

To allow the flow of abundance.

Pluto in the Astrology chart speaks to a place where we have met our limitations and have forgotten how powerful we truly are.

Pluto is currently in Capricorn. Capricorn is about our structures, hierarchal systems, the status quo (or how it has "always been"), the reality we have created, our responsibility, our boundaries, our fear and our conditioning.

Pluto is about our deepest security needs, power, manipulation, what is hidden and what is seeking transformation (Death/Rebirth).

Now it makes sense that the systems and structures we have created may need to go through a Death/Rebirth process. After all, we have grown a lot since we built these systems, and, many of them were probably created through fear.

Perhaps a good part of our fear is that we have bought into the idea that we don't have enough or that we are not enough.

But that is ridiculous, isn’t it?

Of course you are enough. You came from Source (whatever you believe that Source to be) and you are here for a reason.

I guess we have been playing a small game of “not enough” for so long that we have been conditioned to believe it.

We see lack where there is plenty.

We buy into the problems such as overpopulation and lack of resources.

Let’s just unpack overpopulation.

No matter where we think we came from and where we think we go in the end, something created us … so we have a right BE. Again, we are all here for a reason and we are all needed.

When we bring in the presence of The Divine (or whatever you wish to call that creative Source) we can see through the illusion of “not enough”.

We live on an abundant Earth. There is plenty for all, especially when we treat the Earth with the respect and love she deserves.

Love creates more love. Fear creates more fear. So seeing and responding to the Earth through the eyes of love and not fear is more helpful than we can ever imagine.

This October 5th-16th Pluto comes to the degree (minus 20 minutes) of the place it was when the United States was born. This would be the place where this country has met its limitations.

Therefore, we are still in our Pluto return here in the United States, and Pluto is about transformation.

Since we are all connected, what happens in one country effects us all.

So it is the time to look at our values and BE them.

To know that we are not doing it alone, but together.

One person does not need to carry the weight and vision alone.

We are all equally powerful no matter our bank account or position in society.

We all have something incredible to add to the pie.

And no one person is more valuable than the rest.

Indeed, we are all needed.

Spend a minute and envision something with me.

What if, everyone was sharing their gifts … whatever those gifts are. And, because it is that person’s gift, they are in joy when they are working within those realms.

How amazingly interesting would that be? We would be in awe of each other’s gifts. We would learn from each other instead of arguing over man made divisions such as politics.

So, please know that you are a powerful creator, and, that you are needed.

Follow your joy.

Follow your bliss.

Don’t look at what is crumbling, look at what you wish to create. See it, believe it and hold your vision. Work on it daily.

The only way through is together.

Much love my friends on this Pisces Full Moon!

These are my creations of the Death card, the 10 of Fire card and the 4 of Earth card.



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