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Full Moon in Sagittarius

May 23, 2024 9:53 AM EST

The Ace of Water, The High Priestess and The Moon

We are complex nuanced beings.  

Therefore it is difficult, at best, to see all our parts.  

I think it would be fair to say that we are often more in touch with the roles we play than who we Truly are.  

When uncomfortable situations arise, we dive into the practiced role of an adopted persona while completely glossing over the real truth.

We live out old stories over and over again.  

Believing we are forever that little girl who tripped when she walked into school on the first day, or the little boy that got bullied.  But these are simply things that happened a long, long time ago and are not who we really are.  

However, we are VERY practiced at adopting these personas as well as swimming in the emotions that produce them.

We are usually unaware that we are doing this, and the underlying stories that are attached to this charade.

These masks keep us alienated from ourselves and others as we become practiced at presenting only the parts of ourselves that we deem acceptable.

Let me say that again.  

We are alienated from ourselves and the very lives we are living as we experience these old traumas and fears over and over.

And, it is just a story.

For those of us that have not suffered abuse or a big traumatic event, we often don’t even agree with the storyline anymore.

But we keep living it out.

Darryl Anka, that channels Bashar, often talks about this.  

He says that when you are feeling especially awful, ask yourself what belief you would need to have about yourself to feel this terrible.  

Once we unearth the bottom core belief we can access the pathway out of this created illusion.

We aren’t this OR that 

We are this AND that.  

We are living pieces of art that are too large to ever comprehend via the linear mind.

And we can experience ourselves more fully when we allow all of our parts to see the light of day.

So, next time you go flying to the refuge of some old persona that you have put on for forever, realize that it is not wise to fly to these extreme versions of yourself.  

Stay centered in the middle ground, allowing all those gorgeous parts of yourself to orbit around you.  

Knowing you have all of the Cosmos inside of you.

You, my dear, are beyond definition.

Much love on this Full Moon in Sagittarius!

These are my creations of the Ace of Water, The High Priestess and The Moon.

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