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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus

Saturday, October 28, 2023

2 of Water reversed, 4 of Water and The Star Reversed

Well I knew the Star card was making an appearance for this Eclipse read. I have been pulling this card all week for my clients, friends, and for myself.

… AND, I just started revamping my Star card this week (which is not yet complete, but will be coming soon :)

Well, I love this read.

It shows us there is hope.

A shining light within our darkest places.

AND, that light, is within each and everyone of us.

How often, do we forget who we are?

How often do we forget to bring our light?

How often do we forget that we are that powerful?

… so powerful that we can change a World?

We may fall in love with someone, something, our friends, our pets, our work, etc..

We are brimming with excitement and love. Everything seems inspiring and new. We think it is them/it, they think it is us.

But then our daily practices begin to fall away.

We rely on them as an external factor instead of the internal.

Then our world becomes driven by what happens externally instead of internally … maybe we even become apathetic.

We forget that we are an aspect of the Divine that can create and change worlds individually and collectively.

We forget that we are all needed.

We forget that we are all a piece of the puzzle.

Your expression (your light) is different than anyone else.

The picture/puzzle is not complete without you.

Bring that light to every encounter.

To every moment.

When you are washing the dishes.

When you are feeding the dogs.

When you are having a tough conversation.

And on and on and on.

Bring your light.

Follow your light.

Be that light.

Yesterday a friend cleaned my studio as a gift.

I’m a much better giver than receiver, so it took me a minute, but I accepted.

I spent that morning picking flowers from my garden for this friend as well as for another.

My heart was so full from my friend’s gift that I wanted to spread the love.

I wanted it to keep growing.

It started with her light.

Her love.

And it grew.

It showed us the way.

Really good stuff.

Remember, before you head out everyday in this big beautiful crazy mess of a lovely world … to bring your light.

Someone needs that spark.

It literally changes, well, EVERYTHING.

And it grows.

Much love on this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus!

These are my creations of the 2 of Water, The 4 of Water and my current creation of The Star card.



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