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Jupiter in Taurus opposite the Sun in Scorpio

Friday, November 3, 2023

When Jupiter went into Taurus this past May, I heard @themysticalarts say something like this, “Jupiter in Taurus will expand whatever you believe about your abundance and your value.”

Jupiter takes what we believe and expands it.

Then, we go out and experience those beliefs everyday.

As you can probably imagine, this creates patterns.

Grooves if you will.

Perhaps we start believing a story like “This is what always happens to me.” Or, “I never get what I want.”

Within my studies with Paul Selig, I have often heard him teach the mudra of creation. With this mudra he shows us how we call in our experiences through what we expect or believe.

We really do.

Yet, this lesson, which is about creating our own reality, is still hard for us to truly master.

Some of this may be that our beliefs are so engrained that we don’t see them and therefore are not able to get out of our own way.

People may see me as a bit of a “pie in the sky person”. I don’t think that I really am. I just get excited and inspired by reaching for something higher even while witnessing the present reality. You do have to see something in order to change it. And I love evolution!

Often I talk with people about this time of change that we are in and hear the other person say “Well it will always be that way. There will always be war. There will always be greed. People don’t change.”

I once pointed out that it won’t change for us if we don’t think it is possible, but it can change if we believe it can change.

Even with that, I usually hear, “Oh I’m not like that, but the people that are will always be that way.”

But, when we don’t believe that people can change we are then creating that in the World. Right?

Changing others is never our job. That is an inside job for each and every person. And, they get to do that their way .. of course. As it should be.

But, we can believe in these changes and we can envision these changes.

And, perhaps, just perhaps this creates a bridge to a better World.

I certainly believe that to be true. We just have to keep holding that vision.

Shut your eyes and envision the World that you would like to see. Stay there for a bit. Anchor it in. Do this everyday. Pay more attention to that World than the current World. Not in a dissociative way. We do need to look at what is … always. But don’t feed what isn’t working. Feed the vision that you would like to see.

Much love on this Friday!

This is my creation of The Wheel of Fortune which is a Jupiter card



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