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Neptune in Pisces square Mercury in Gemini

June 25, 2023

I love all the outer planets, but Neptune may be my favorite because, to me, love is our super power.

Neptune is like seeing a mirage on the horizon. It’s all sparkly and shiny in the distance.

When you get there, she’s gone, but she did give you what you needed to push through the journey.

It’s interesting in this world of bickering about what is right or wrong, good or bad, moral or not moral; that Neptune is present as well whispering behind the veil, “It’s all an illusion. It’s simply a dream darling. It’s okay. Wake up.”

But there is another fascinating quality of Neptune. The idea that we will always be in dreamland, trading one illusion for another as we continue to evolve.

The process of waking up and seeing the World in a brand new way is amazing! - this is the work of the outer planets (Uranus, Neptune and Pluto).

And, with this beautiful new wisdom in our energetic fields, we go out and about to share this vibration of love.

We feel that we have arrived. We’ve figured it out.

And that is right when another wave sends you tumbling.

So you see, we’ll never get there … and there is nowhere to get “to” anyway.

Like that mirage in the distance.

We’ll just keep riding the waves and tumbling forward with them forever.

I am seeing this like a forward summersault. Bringing play into the mix helps immensely:)

Our evolution and growth will never end.

I have said this to clients before and their reaction is usually less than enthusiastic.

But, this continual evolution lets us know that we are perfect, right here and right now.

AND, we will be perfect at our next level as well.

We are loved and cherished no matter what.

And, if we did “arrive”, there would be nothing left to discover.

It would be boring.

So, we could dump the need to be right and embrace the unknown.

This invites play and exploration into our daily experiences. Fluidity instead of stiffness.

Last night I was working on my Tarot deck.

To say I get obsessed with this project is quite the understatement.

It has definitely occurred to me, that when I finish this deck, I will not be done. I will want to create something new and keep going. Therefore I would be wise to stop pushing and just allow the process.

The idea of “I’ll be happy when” is merely an illusion. There is only the present moment. Nothing else exists.

I know we know that, but we do fall for it again and again, don’t we? The illusion is real.

A square in Astrology is when things don’t line up.

Like when you want to have your forever love and spend gobs of time with this person. But, at the same time, you value your freedom more than anything. Well, then, something’s got to give.

What’s interesting to me, is that usually this is as simple as a perspective shift. You know what I mean? That “aha” moment. Perhaps we don’t realize that we can be free AND in a relationship at the same time.

As a species, we are apt to get tunnel visioned, until we surrender our thinking and allow higher information to come in.

In Astrology, a square is creative energy.

It is about creating a new form because the old one is no longer working. In other words, the wave is about to crash so it is time to ride another one.

Neptune teaches unconditional love.

Glimmering with Ultimate Truths like “we are all one”.

She asks us to empty our crown from all these ideas and beliefs in order to invite in wisdom.

This archetype is one of neutrality.

And, if you have noticed, we make better decisions when we are in a neutral place and don’t demand things be a certain way.

Neptune whispers “Let go of the wave you are riding. It’s time. Catch another wave.”

She asks us to trust the process by putting our faith in the part of us that is eternal.

Mercury is our ideas, our communications, our linear thinking. It is about the discernment of our thoughts, ideas and communications. For example, what information do we allow to circulate within our body?

On the high side, Mercury can be about bringing the Divine down to Earth through your expression. Your BEing.

Mercury can allow us to travel to other realms where we can transcend dualistic thinking.

Note that if we give into the brain, which likes to think in black and white, good and bad … we can get on our high horse pretty quickly with Mercury. But the mind is meant to be in service. It is not our master.

Today would be a wonderful day to surrender our need to know and to be “right” to the idea of “I really don’t know. Perhaps I’ll look at things from another perspective.”

Meditation, talking to a tree, hanging upside down to view your reality in a different way, or emptying your head from all the black and white thinking, would be lovely ways to surrender to this transit.

Remember, if we are divided we have entered the fantasy land portion of Neptune.

To me division is when we view any creation as “wrong, unworthy, terrible, etc.”.

We don’t have to like what we don’t like. We don’t have to agree to things we that are low vibration.

But we can send that person or thing love. Love always helps … more than we can fathom.

Love is the only way we evolve and grow.

So we keep rolling through the waves. We keep moving towards the light.

And, we are all going together, because the Divine/Quantum/God/Nature loves all it’s creations equally. Period.

But, in the energy of “not knowing” please don’t trust me, explore this for yourself. Next time someone pinches you off or triggers you, try sending them love instead of thinking judgmentally about them. Then move on. See if it feels better in your system.

This is my creation of The Hanged Man, which is a Neptune card.

Much love on this Sunday!



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