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New Moon in Aquarius

February 9, 2024 5:59 pm EST The 8 of Air, The Page of Fire, The Queen of Air

Uranus in Taurus is an interesting combination. Air meets Earth.  The mix of these elements can shape a landscape.  Ideas can spread throughout the land.

What I like about this combination is that it invites us to bring our ideas and inventiveness (Air energy) down to our body and into our lives.  

To share with others.

To change our landscape.

The 8 of Air is the experience of becoming a prisoner of your own mental landscape.  It represents the dangers of staying up in your mind and allowing it to run your life.

Our brain thinks in black and white, good and bad, this or that, … duality.  

The mind is perfect for remembering to put gas in your car or to eat before heading out to work.  

However, the mind isn’t much help with big life decisions like where we want to live, who we date, or what job to take.  

Those decisions come from our heart.

Right now we are oversaturated with information.

And perhaps we celebrate and idolize those we think are smarter than us.

But I have always wondered about “smart.”  

When I was young I remember being happy that I was able to figure things out easily but that I wasn’t super intelligent.  It seemed to me, that the people who were really smart were often not that happy.  Perhaps they thought themselves to death.

The brain calculates.  

In Tarot the mind is represented by swords (Air).  

It can be cold.

It can cut both ways.

But what we are passionate about lights up our heart.  And when our hearts are on fire we create through love.

This fire energy (passion) is an important ingredient for our everyday life.  

If we simply do one thing a day that lights us up, the joy of that moment spreads, connects and adds to the rest of our life.

Then, in this dance of joy and passion we can open our body and mind to something new.  Something fresh. 


New pathways can be created.  

We can access our mind in a new way.  One that allows us to connect to the higher mind.

All because we are connecting to the frequency of love.

For all that I said about the mind, I’m an air sign through and through.  I love some mind candy. 

For me, new ideas are what changes everything.

But I’m talking about inspired thought.  

The thoughts that pop in when you are hanging in a high frequency.

I heard Paul Selig’s Guides say this in our last workshop (and I am paraphrasing)  “There will be no more lack when the idea of lack is gone.”

Poof.  Just like that.

Of course it won’t be gone JUST like that, but you get the idea.  Once you hear it, you understand how simple it really is.

New ideas.  Revolutionary ideas.  Ideas that spread.

I love it!  

What I really enjoy about this transmission is that it hit me in that place of knowing.  I KNEW this was true. 

Lack is simply an idea.

I’ll bring in The Guides teachings one more time.  

They often say that thinking invites more thinking.  Knowing never does.  When you know you know.

And how do you get to your knowing?  Well through love and joy of course.

Bringing delight fully into our presence and being. Our body. Our landscape.

Earth and Air (with some alchemical help from Fire and Water:)

Happy New Moon in Aquarius!

These are my creations of the 8 of Air, the Page of Fire and the Queen of Air

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Beautiful cards! Powerful Read!!

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