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New Moon in Cancer

July 5, 2024 6:57pm EST

The 6 of Fire, The 4 of Air and the Knight of Water all reversed

What if we could see how spirit sees?


How different the World might look from a higher perspective.

I love this thought.  It makes my body and mind come alive.

It helps me Know that when life looks bleak, there is always another perspective.  

From our vantage point on Earth it may look like we are going over the edge.

But from above I believe it looks very different.

I was just talking with a friend about how much we love each other.  How we plan our Earth journey together before we enter these physical bodies.  

For example, in the spirit world we might say something like this to each other, “Oh, you want to learn that!  Cool!  Why don’t I come in and be your ‘bad guy’?  I’ll keep giving you tough lessons so you start moving in the direction your Soul wants to grow towards.”

We love each other so much that we are willing to be the ‘bad guy or girl’ in their life.

Which says a lot.

I believe we are all working together even when it looks like the exact opposite.

On Earth we often take things literally (and one dimensionally) instead of bringing in the magic of the Divine.

We praise one person and judge another.  

But … 

We have never been the person that we are judging.  

We have never been that aspect of God. 

And we are not on their path or their journey.

So how can we know and how can we judge?

We are all aspects of God in drag. 

We walk around and ask, “Do you love me now?  

“Can you find love in your heart for me when I am this version of God?”

If you don’t like someone, then that is the very person you will need to work with until one day (in this life or in another) you can love them.  

I have started to ask this, “What is it about that aspect of God that I don’t like?”

I am not making it easy.  

It is the Truth.

But that doesn’t make it easy.

We are all equal in our value.  

Because God does not make mistakes.

I have been better lately about taking a minute when things are tough.  

Sleeping on things.  

Asking to see another perspective.

And, I have been filling myself with love. 

Because, what I see in the World is a reflection of what is inside of me.

So the more I love myself the more my reality shifts to reflect that love.

Why don’t we leave it on this note:

I heard Gregory Boyle from @homeboyindusties saying, “What if there wasn’t ‘us versus them’?  What if there was just ‘us’?

I wholeheartedly agree.

Let’s make it so!

I don’t want to be on a side against anyone else.

Because the Truth of the matter is we are all one.

Much love on this New Moon in Cancer!

These are my creations of The 6 of Fire, The 4 of Air and The Knight of Water.

Quick side note:

I am late on this New Moon read for a really amazing reason!

I was working on the last card in my Tarot Deck and getting the deck ready for the printer.

The cards are now making their way to the printer.

… And, I am speechless.  

Which is rare.

Thank you for cheering me on!  I appreciate you!  I will be following up with more updates.



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