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New Moon in Gemini

June 18, 2023

The Devil reversed, The 10 of Fire and the 5 of Air reversed

So are you ready for another interpretation of Saturn in Pisces?

This is why I love Astrology. The possibilities are endless.

Perhaps Saturn in Pisces is about waking us up from a dream state while erecting limitations around our illusions.

All of us have illusions somewhere, right?

And we project these fantasies onto people, things, places, etc. as opposed to looking at what actually is.

Has anyone else felt how big this feels as of late? Our collective lessons/karma have been piling up and it now seems to be hitting a fever pitch.

It’s not a pretty picture, and, it could seem pretty overwhelming.

I find this exciting (on my good days:) since there is no longer a question that it is time for something new.

We can blame it on the government, or past presidents or the current president, or the people that elected them, or the large corporations, or the people we don’t like, etc. … but this reality could not be present if we weren’t in agreement to it and thus party to the lesson.

So there is illusion about who is responsible.

It’s like we are playing a game where you point fingers at others as fast as you can, but in the end a finger is pointing at all of us.

I personally sense that there is no way to escape it.

You can go on a trip but it sneaks into your luggage.

The burnout and fall out is real.

What I love about this read is the underlying tone of Neptune/Pisces. This archetype is about illusion, fantasy, our addictions to certain habits, people, substances, and what goes on behind the scenes. It is like a film.

Neptune/Pisces is always present but definitely not always seen.

It did not show up in my Tarot cards but it does reveal itself in the Astrology chart of this New Moon where Neptune is squaring the Sun and the Moon.

The Sun is about our self actualization and our strength and purpose. The Moon is our invisible foundation and is about our unconscious security needs and how we self soothe.

Although it might not be obvious in the Tarot cards, we couldn’t have The Devil show up if we didn’t have illusions.

And where we are in illusion is where we have stepped out on our responsibilities and into our addictive behaviors.

Perhaps the addictive behavior is that we feel powerless, small, or a victim to the larger forces.

Interestingly enough, Neptune is both the “problem” and the solution.

The issue is that we don’t love ourselves enough.

The answer is an outpouring of unconditional love to ourself that then extends to everything and everybody else.

Call it grace if you like.

A byproduct of radical love is that we begin to trust ourself and become more neutral about our current reality.

The first step to change is the acceptance of what is.

We may even begin to define ourselves as infinite, beyond this time and space, which can help us remember our strength.

Our illusions lie in the places where we don’t love ourselves.

So this is my question:

Can we put down our need to be right? Our addiction to being the one that knows? Can we embrace curiosity and wonder?

Maybe even ask yourself why you incarnated during this particular time? What would have been your purpose to come to Earth now?

Remain playful about this question.

It’s meant to get you going not stop you in your tracks.

I spoke recently about our Crown chakra and that it is meant to be empty so that God/Quantum/The Divine/The Universe can fill it for us in the moment.

Remember, most things are not Ultimate Truths. Everything keeps changing and evolving.

So it is probably best to stay flexible.

Perhaps it is time to put down our swords and realize that we can’t be right if we are making a part of ourselves (or others) wrong.

When we act in love we move towards wholeness and that definitely feels better than being fragmented.

Much love at this New Moon in Gemini!

These are my creations of The Devil, The 10 of Fire and the 5 of Air

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