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New Moon in Gemini

Updated: Jun 6

June 6, 2024

8:37am EST

The 3 of Water, The Knight of Earth and The Page of Air reversed

The Truth is always simple.

It doesn’t scream.

It doesn’t panic.

It doesn’t demand.

The Truth invites us in.

And Truth aligns with love.

While it may appear that we have an overwhelming amount of information, details and decisions in our World, life is much easier than we think.

We just need to ask this one question. 

Are we choosing from love or fear?

It is that simple.

When we choose from a place of love, the result will be more love.  

When we choose from a place of fear, the result will be more fear.  

(This is a teaching from @paulselig).

I was listening to a Bashar channeling yesterday and it was exactly what I needed to hear.

The concept that was being presented was something I already knew, but the delivery helped me attain a deeper understanding.

Every living being is an aspect of God/Universe/Divine (whatever you wish to name it).

Each one of us is an aspect of God experiencing itself.  

So the experience we are experiencing is us.

This seems like the perfect reason to drop the fear and simply BE.

To allow the experience of the moment even when it isn’t something you prefer.

You are not this moment. 

You are not that moment.

You are everything.

And, you happen to be the only one that gives your experience meaning.

So make it good!

This morning, I was responding to a message from a friend that wanted to know how I was.  She told me that she hoped that everything was flowing and easy in my life.

I responded by saying that I wasn’t talking about some aspects of my life right now.

For while those parts look hard, and maybe even impossible, I don’t believe that to be true.

I see it as a sign of change.

An invitation to drop the fear once and for all.


When you love your experience it will love you back.

When you damn your experience it will damn you back.

And, you are not your experience.

You are everything.

Much love on this New Moon in Gemini!

These are my creations of The 3 of Water, The Knight of Earth and the Page of Air Tarot cards.

If you want more information on my services, please DM me or go to

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