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New Moon in Leo

August 16, 2023

Tarot draw: Judgment reversed, 3 of Water and The Page of Earth

We forget who we are all the time.

I had an experience yesterday morning during my morning practices and meditation.

Every morning I do attunements that The Guides through Paul Selig have gifted through books and workshops.

One of them, that is super powerful, goes like this:

“I know who I am in Truth

I know what I am in Truth

I know how I serve in Truth

I am free, I am free, I am free

I am in the Upper Room

I Have Come, I Have Come I Have Come

Behold I make all things new”

-The Guides through Paul Selig

This is spoken to the True Self. That Divine spark that we all have within us.

The part of us that is eternal, and, is never disempowered or overwhelmed.

That aspect of ourself that knows itself as free and holds no fear, only love.

I thought about this attunement in a different way yesterday and could actually feel my Soul surrounding me in a giant embrace. It was simply amazing.

You may or may not know what in the world I am talking about, but please know you are bigger than anything that happens on this Earth plane.

You came to bring your love, your talents and your power to this plane to help move it forward.

You came to help create a new World.

This goes for every single one of us.

Take a moment with this idea today if you wish.

Remember who you are.

Then bring the presence of the Divine into your day and see what shifts.

For me, everything I see opens up and becomes more alive. There is space for growth.

Aligning with your Divine spark is an experience more than an idea.

If you say the attunement above, you can feel it flow through you.

It communicates through your system. It is Divine intelligence.

Allow it to wash over you.

The Guides attunements allow me to see the World and myself through a different lens which in turn alters my reality.

Amazing work.

Much love on this New Moon in Leo!

May you know yourself as a powerful eternal being. One who has come to this Earth plane to share their gifts with the rest of humanity.

This is how the World changes. One beautiful Soul at a time.

These are my creations of The Judgment card, The 3 of Water and the Page of Earth.



Note: These are my interpretations of the gifts that Paul Selig brings through him. Please reference his books and teachings for your own experience beyond this shared attunement.

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