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New Moon in Pisces

March 10, 2024 5:00am EST

The Death card, The 2 of Air and The Ace of Fire

Yesterday I had a full and lovely day of Tarot readings which was followed by shopping and dinner with my son and his girlfriend.  I did a little house clean up, got in bed and drew some cards for this New Moon as my pups and I settled in for the night.

I couldn’t believe that I still had energy after such a busy day.  

But that is how it goes when you are doing what you love.  The energy keeps flowing and growing.

I drew the cards for this read and, after I studied them just a bit, I was immediately sleepy.  

It was a falling asleep while you are still sitting upright kind of sleepy.

A good sleepy.

This morning, before I opened my eyes, I could feel the resonance of the cards in my being.

Mornings, for me, are my toughest time. 

I have to power over them.

All my fears seem to visit me right before I wake up and it feels like I have bathed in them. 

But this morning was different.  

All the worries were still there, but instead of engaging with them, I heard this: “You know what you are doing.  Do things your way.  Trust yourself.  You don’t have to agree with these thought forms.”

The moment I came into this World I was confused by what went on here on Earth.  

What is THIS all about?  

It always seemed like an upside down way of doing things to me.

But, since everyone around me was playing this game, and I obviously did not understand, I figured they must know better than I did.  After all, you would think that the larger the number of followers the truer it must be.  So I followed on.

As I have gotten older I see that the above is not always true.  Often we follow others even when we know in our heart that it isn't true for us.  

The bigger the number of followers does not necessarily mean that it is true.

The last 16 years I have, on the whole, been following my passions.

But, I can still struggle with the unconscious belief that others know better.  

A gnawing feeling somewhere in the recesses of my being suggests that perhaps I should look under that rock and engage with what has everyone else in an absolute tizzy.  You know, otherwise it might sneak up on me later when I am not looking and get me.  After all, everyone else is in a tizzy about it.


Does that make sense?

Funny and weird stuff.

I have been hitting this frequency of thought forms (the worries that come in while I sleep) and it drains my energy.  

But this morning I was shown how to shine through it.

To keep going.

To not agree to it.

Not all the thoughts were mine, and actually most of them weren’t, but I allowed them to have power over me.  

I was believing these thoughts more than I believed myself.

Thank you New Moon in Pisces for showing me how to shine my light and keep going.  

To not engage.

Mission accomplished.

I think our unconscious fears are like that.  You have to look them in the eye and say “Boo!”.  

Then they disappear.  Poof!

Leaving you with more life.

More energy. 

More vitality.

A clearer vision.

And the ability to be a light in the dark.

It seems to me, that in order to move to the new, we have to put down our heavy bags of limiting beliefs and fears.  

We need to stop trying to fit in and instead follow our knowing and inspiration.

When we sing our own song the whole world is gifted by the sound.

This New Moon gifts us the vision, energy and inspiration to make this leap of faith.  To allow the old to die so that the new can be born.

Much love on this New Moon in Pisces!

These are my creations of Death/Rebirth, The 2 of Air and The Ace of Fire.

So that about sums it up, but if you desire a little Astrology candy, please read on:

I find this New Moon chart fascinating.  

The dwarf planet Makemake is sitting next to the South Node in Libra.  

The South Node is where our karmic gifts lie.  Gifts that we have cultivated in other incarnations.  

They happen to be lovely gifts, but since we have relied too heavily on them, we require the opposite to maintain balance.

In this case, we want to watch our need to fit in and people please (Libra). Instead we can use that energy to do more of what we love.

Aries energy.  

The opposite.

Makemake, which is sitting next to the South Node, is about extreme ideology, dogma and tribal ways.  So, if we are trying to fit in with others, we might be forming tribes of like minded people.  Perhaps we are fighting those that believe differently and even choosing sides.

Makes a lot of sense, right?

Meanwhile, Mercury is sitting at a powerful and potent 0 degrees of Aries.  

Any planet that is at 0 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn (the cardinal signs) is apt to show up on the World Stage.  This means we will see it in our collective lives.

And Aries is the first sign of the zodiac.

Signifying a new beginning.  


On another note, this is an 8 year.  

2024: 2 plus 2 plus 4 = 8.  

And in Tarot, 8 is Mercury.  

Mercury is our communication system.  

This is how we analyze and make sense of our World.

8 is life force.


8 is fearless.  

And Mercury, the planet that represents 8, is starting a new journey around the zodiac.

Are you hanging with me?

So if Mercury is our communication system what thoughts are you breathing in?  What thoughts are you giving life?  

What thought forms need to be cut off so you can be fully present and alive?

8 represents power.  

Your power.

Not power over anyone else.

Your power.

Much love Astrology peeps!

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