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New Moon in Sagittarius

December 12, 2023

Card draw: 3 of Earth reversed, 2 of Fire and 10 of Fire

I am showing up a day late to the New Moon dance because of a very busy schedule. 

This morning I sat down and opened up a book from @paulselig and this sentence came leaping up from the page:  

“Once a note is sung, it is always heard.”

So the music is still playing, and, as I am laying down cards, we are still dancing in the energy of this New Moon.

We are magnificent creators aren’t we?

We create our own reality, and, collectively we create our world.

We have built this world, that we are currently seeing, from a place of scarcity, division and limitation.

But we are more than this aren’t we?

Yesterday I was very privileged to meet a woman (@sequencecollection) that came to the US to study when she was younger.  She then returned to her country to help break the sequence of gang related violence by showing these men another avenue.  They now work with her as artisans and create beautiful purses, bags, earrings, and a myriad of other beautiful items.  

I bought a bag and a bracelet.  These items carry with them a story that shows us another way.  

There were so many small business owners, that I got to witness yesterday.  And they are all able to hold a similar vision for others and our world.


The road hasn’t been easy for them but they have refused to believe in limitations.  They know that they are change agents, and, they are thinking with their hearts.

As I was thinking about these cards this morning a song came to me.  The song was “Straight from the Heart” by Bryan Adams and Eric Kagna.

What if everything we created, was created “straight from the heart"?  

After all, our hearts know that we are all connected.  

Our hearts know that we are all one.

I had another experience yesterday that was such a gift.  A friend told me matter of factly that we can not know the experience of others.  

As a Libra Moon girl I feel others all the time.  I step into their experience and see things through their eyes.  BUT I do not stay there.  I don’t live their life everyday.  So I have no idea how it feels to walk in their shoes day to day.

I can imagine, but I can not know.

Now this goes for everybody.  People with lots of wealth, people with no money, people with a disability, and people with amazing health, etc., etc., etc..  

We can not know what others experience.

Everyone has their struggles.

Right now, we are seeing what we have created in the world.  And, it is showing  up larger than life so that we can really look at what we have created through fear, division and scarcity.

This version of reality is presenting itself so that we can pause, learn from it, and then begin a new creation.  

This is not about judging ourselves or others. 

We did the best we could at the time and now we know better.

For me personally, I am on a mission to see everything, everybody, and every moment through the eyes of love and graciousness.  

To put on my shoes with a grateful heart.  

To pick up the dog poop with love.  

It’s not easy.  

We all see things that we don’t like.  

However, instead of bringing judgment, we could bring love and compassion.  

Be loving to yourself when you miss the mark you set for yourself.  We are learning something new.  And, we learn so much better when we love ourselves through changes and give ourselves a lot of grace.

When we can see the Divine in everything and everybody we then become change agents.  

Love changes everything.  

Absolutely everything.

Much love out there on this New Moon of yesterday!

These are my creations of The 3 of Earth, 2 of Fire and 10 of Fire.

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