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New Moon Solar Eclipse in Libra

October 14, 2023

The Knight of Water, The Six of Water and The Three of Fire reversed

I woke up at 3:30 this morning and I knew I would not be going back to sleep.

It was that “Ping! ... I'm Awake” kind of feeling.

But I knew I was up for a reason.

I have been running pretty fast as of late and have been needing more time to connect with myself and Spirit.

Everyday I align my will with God’s will, my Soul’s will and my True Self’s will. But :) when life is intense, that small self comes out demanding and making things wrong.

But nothing is ever wrong, is it? We can’t change what we can not see. So we have to see it, live it, go through it, etc. to change it. We need to see all the parts of ourselves especially the ones we make “wrong”.

And, we have a choice about how we respond to life.

Yesterday I rushed to a scheduled meeting just to find it delayed by a half hour. The time of this meeting had already been changed earlier in the day before this new delay.

I felt like a ping pong ball and I was tired and had not eaten.

I chose to look at my phone instead of going for a walk or laying in the sun.

And, I was frustrated.

“Why does everyone waste my time?”

You know you are "in it" when you speak in absolutes like that.

But, I could have chosen to focus on Love which would have allowed my frustration to dissipate.

So, we have the gift of choice in every single moment.


We can stay in our small self’s perspective or we can inquire about how our Soul feels about this NOW moment.

And, I bet you that my Soul felt very different than I did in that moment.

The Divine is always with us, but it is our choice to allow and receive.

It is in every moment, every person, every conversation, every argument.

It is in everything.

We are the ones that decide that it is not.

I think this New Moon Eclipse read is quite a beautiful read. I loved that the cards literally fell out of my hands.

It is about making the decision to focus on love. To move to a time of innocence. A place where we feel safe to open our hearts.

And, if we can focus on love, and look at others with love, our future will be amazingly bright.

As a matter of fact the World will change the moment we choose to see through the eyes of love.

The Divine is in everything and everyone, but we have to adjust our eyes, our hearts, our heads and our energy to see it.

This Solar Eclipse is asking us to focus on our purpose, our vision, and on love. To give love freely to everyone and everything.

When we are in our responsibility in this way, we will be creating the World we wish to see.

So there is no pulling for one side over another or damning one thing while loving another.

Everything is of God (or whatever you wish to call that gorgeous and powerful creative energy).

Everything is or nothing is.

And that is our choice.

And from our choices we create our World and our Reality.

Much love on this New Moon Solar Eclipse in Libra!

These are my creations of The Knight of Water, The 6 of Water and The 3 of Fire



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