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Summer Solstice and Full Moon in Capricorn

June 20, 2024 4:51pm EST and June 21, 2024 9:07pm EST

The 5 of Earth, The Queen of Fire and The 7 of Fire reversed

Yesterday I was leaving a voice text message that contained very “simple” guidance.  

The message said this, “ Do what inspires you as soon as you can without demanding what it looks like or dictating the outcome.  When you are no longer inspired stop.  Then do the next thing that inspires you.” - (This comes from a teaching by Bashar that I was sharing).

Simple, right?  

It seems fun.

It seems easy.

I was laughing at myself while leaving the message, because while it is simple, most people don’t work this way. 

Children do though.  

And children are masters at having fun. 

Our school systems are not set up this way.

Corporate America is not set up this way.

Instead, we begin a project by looking ahead and dictating how it will turn out.  

I have listened to people create like this.

They start out so enthusiastically.  

But as they talk about the next step and the next step and the next, they often come to the conclusion that it will never work. This becomes the dramatic end to an inspiration that never saw the light of day.

While this could be seen as a pragmatic approach, to me it lacks magic.  It lacks creativity.  It lacks vision.  

And it lacks trust in the Divine that gifts us these inspirations.

A few months ago I was playing in this arena while working on a Tarot Deck that I am creating.  

At that time, there was (and still is) one more card left to create in the deck.  So I was coordinating a time to travel and produce this last card.

While I was waiting, I started writing the book portion of the deck as well as creating the design of the box.  I also began looking at self publishing vs. traditional publishing.  

The publishing portion about sent me over the edge. 

Overnight my Tarot creation became a problem that needed to be solved instead of an art project that filled me with joy.

I decided to stop this “looking down the road” mentality immediately.  

I was getting ahead of myself. 

And, it was the exact opposite of fun.  

When the card deck portion of this project is complete, I might just pause and enjoy the fruits of my labor.

Instead of trying to knock out the whole project as quickly as possible, I am planning on buying the minimum amount of decks (without a box or a book).

I want to enjoy this part of creation for a bit.

I am excited to see how the deck I created reads for me.

I am thrilled by the idea of holding the cards in my hands and shuffling them.

The thought of sharing some of these decks with Tarot readers delights me.

I want to celebrate this accomplishment.

I want to hold it close before it goes out into the World.

I want to make sure I LOVE this deck before I finish the rest of the project.

And I want to know it inspires me before I invite others to welcome it into their own home.

To me, this is how you play like a child.

And, I do believe that children are often wiser than adults when it comes to following their inspiration and playing through life.

Much love on this Summer Solstice and Full Moon!



These are my creations of The 5 of Earth, The Queen of Fire and the 7 of Fire.

If you want more information on my services please DM me or go to

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