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Winter Solstice

Collective Read

December 21, 2023 10:27:22pm EST

Tarot Draw:

Death/Rebirth, 2 of Earth and 7 of Air (the 7 of Air is backed by the Page of Fire and the Emperor)

I love that everything is coming up and out at this time.  

We simply can not hide from ourselves anymore.

Ha! … here is something that makes me laugh.  

I just heard about someone that built a very large underground bunker.  Probably there are many that have done this.

Awesome, but guess what? … we can not hide.  

Change is coming for all of us. 


And that is excellent news.

When you see things that you don’t like about yourself or others, don’t punish.  Instead send the healing power of love.

After all, we only know what we know.  

We are here on Earth to learn, and, we learn much better when we are loved through these changes not punished.

Remember, our super power is always love.  

If we resist or fight we stay low.  If we stay neutral, and in love, we can be an agent for high change.

Our beliefs, our need to be right and our tribalism hold us back in huge ways.  Everyone is of the same Source.  Everyone has the same value.  

I used to believe that some of our beliefs were so tough to unearth.  

And, while I think that many of our beliefs hang in the unconscious realms, we can spot them pretty easy when we know what to look for.

First of all, notice when you have resistance, fight or judgment.  

What are your beliefs that are tied to those fighting parts within yourself?  

Love those parts.  

Don’t push them back down because you believe them unworthy.  

Love them.  

See what they have to say.  

Welcome them back and let them know you will never push them away or disown them again.

We fight when we believe we are not worthy or good enough.  

We love when we are loved.

Listen closely when you hear things come out of your mouth like “I never … “ or “This always happens to me …”

This is where those wounds are.  

Notice the themes.  

Bring them up to see the light of day.

Ask yourself if this is really true.

Love these parts.  

They have tried their best to keep you safe in the only way they knew how.

But life is not about playing it safe.  It is about experiencing, learning and growing.

And, for those unconscious fearful thoughts … well, the best solution is to follow your passion.  

When you are in the grip of fearful thoughts, go do something that lights you up.

Then do it again.

And again.

And again.  

Keep doing this until it becomes your daily structure.

This keeps you creating instead of reacting.  

Then you are standing in your light so that others can follow … and you become an agent of love and change.

Much love on this Winter Solstice.

Happy Capricorn season.

These are my creations of Death/Rebirth, the 2 of Earth and the 7 of Air



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