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Full Moon in Capricorn

July 3, 2023

Full Moon in Capricorn

The 5 of Air, The 3 of Water reversed and The Lovers reversed

I was talking with a new and an old friend yesterday about everything under the Sun through the lens of spirituality.

Our chat was spontaneous, unexpected and amazing.

The subject that kept arising was that we are our own worse critics.

Just the day before this conversation I had allowed a good bit of self doubt and criticism to creep in.

We forget don’t we?

We forget to be kind to ourselves.

We forget that every moment of everyday is a learning opportunity.

And, we forget that if we don’t “pass the test”, we can just take it again.

No worries.


We also forget that there is no where to “get to”.

We are eternal beings and we will always be somewhere learning, evolving and growing. It never ends and there is no hurry.

If you are like me, you know how you want to show up, but, when the pressure is on, a rogue part might just have something to say.

And, that is actually okay.

If that part wasn’t speaking up we wouldn’t know how hurt, scared, upset, angry, unseen, etc. it was.

Once something is seen we can work on it. We can spend time with that part of ourselves and give it more love and compassion. Then that part doesn’t have to act up just to get attention.

Do you know that you are incredibly loved?

I don’t think we understand how much we are loved and adored by God/Quantum/The Universe.

So how can we send love to every single part or ourselves?

How can we embrace any part that feels separate and alone?

How can we correct this misinformation?

Begin by forgiving yourself for everything and anything that you are holding against yourself.

If you had known what you know now you would have done it differently, but the truth is you didn’t know.

And, it’s in the past.

Learn from it, congratulate yourself for your growth and move on.

This is the way to wholeness. This is the way to unconditional love.

Change always starts with loving ourself and then naturally extends to everyone and everything else.

The world that we see is a reflection of our consciousness.

As we change our consciousness through love, what we see in our external life changes.

The world is certainly changing.

And we are all responsible for what we decide to create next.

We most likely have unconscious parts of ourselves that are operating through old information that needs to be cleared.

The practice of Ho’oponopono is a lovely way to clear the old so that you can be open to the new.

Here is what you say to yourself:

“I’m sorry.

Please forgive me

Thank you

I love you”

Repeat it until you feel something click or change in your system.

You may want to research this practice and hear more about the gentleman who healed inmates by healing himself through Ho'oponopono.

He understood that what he saw externally had to be a match for what was going on internally for him.

So cool and so very amazing.

Much love on this Full Moon in Capricorn!

These are my creations of The 5 of Air, the 3 of Water and The Lovers card.



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