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Jupiter in Taurus square the Sun in Leo

August 6, 2023

I was in a meeting today, and, I was actually enjoying it.

This is extremely rare for me.

I don't enjoy meetings.

Better yet, the meeting was on a subject that I could use some help on.

What was being presented made logical sense … so much so, that I ignored my first alarm bell when it went off, and, almost did the same when the second, and louder one rang.

There was a lot going on for me about this subject and I really wanted to believe this group could help.

So, I had entered fantasy land and was ignoring my intuition.

Isn’t it so crazy to think that someone else can come in and “fix” things for us?

That someone else might know our life better than us and be able to swoop in and make it all shiny and easy, like a magic wand of sorts.

During this meeting I had someone else get in touch with me that would like me to be their “fix it” person.

I have helped this person, and, will most likely help again as I can.

However, I think he believes I am that I am the one that can keep his ship from sinking.

The problem is, I didn’t create his life, so I can’t fix it.

I can help, but I cannot do it alone.

I watched a Netflix movie recently called Bobby Kennedy for President. A friend had recommended it and I was curious.

I have watched a lot about JKF, as probably a lot of people have, but I really did not know much about Bobby.

I listened to it while photoshopping and it definitely left me a bit depressed.

You know the plot. JFK, Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy don’t make it out of the movie alive.

But it was also REALLY good.

I fell pretty hard for the idea that maybe, just maybe America could have been different if Bobby Kennedy hadn’t been shot.

But then I listened to it again and thought, it would never have worked.

We need much more than one person to hold the vision. Be it Martin Luther King, one of the Kennedy brothers, a light worker or a spiritual guru. One person is simply not enough.

Because, when that person is gone, no one else has the light.

It needs to be the collective.

We all need to be our own hero.

Our own leader.

Our own visionary.

This is the way forward.

So, this is a lovely time to trust your own intuition.

To believe in yourself.

To hold that vision you wish to see in your life and in the World.

Every person makes a difference, and it can be as simple as smile.

Be your own hero in this lovely drama that we call life.

As this crazy world flips upside down, it simply shows us that it isn’t as “real” and solid as it seemed.

It is a creation that we have all made that has played itself out.

Therefore, it is time for us to create a new vision and a new reality. One that is built from each individual’s dreams, but which gains its stability and resilience from all dreams coming together and producing a new vision and a new Earth.

Much love on this Sunday eve!

This is my creation of The Wheel which is Jupiter’s card.



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