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Updated: Aug 8, 2023

August 8, 2023

The Knight of Earth

8-8, or August 8th, is an amazing day for manifesting.

A day to picture what you desire and bring it into the present moment so that you are feeling it, thinking it, doing it and BEing it.

The Knight of Earth is here to remind us that while it is so important to hold the vibration of what we want to BE, it is also imperative that we align with the behaviors and habits of the who we desire to BE.

I have been holding a steady and high vibration lately. Bringing the presence of the Divine into everything I see.

I fell out of that vibration last night, and, I found it interesting that I immediately desired comfort food.

You know, a little self soothing:)

Now my diet has been on point lately, and, has been easy to maintain with that higher vibration.

But last night?

Well I took the bait.

The Knight of Earth is all about changing our behaviors.

If you want to live your dream life you are going to have to BE the type of person that has that life.

You will want to hold your behaviors to a higher standard.

You become the person that has this dream life.

The body is used to what it has always done so it will take focus and will power to overcome the cravings of the body.

But the body is not in charge. You are.

It is okay if you fall off the wagon like I did last night.

We learn something from everything that we do, and, we can take that learning with us when we get back on the wagon.

The body is actually trying to help us out.

Like, hey there, I know you like this when you are stressed out or overwhelmed. Let’s do that because I know you love it.

So we have to override the behaviors that we no longer align to within our new vision … and the body will become accustomed to these new ways overtime.

But it will not be on board immediately.

Today is a most auspicious day to meditate on the life you desire. Close your eyes and picture what you want, then get up and start behaving like the person that would have that type of life.

Of course, this is not a one day thing, but it is an excellent day to begin the action of bringing your desires down to this Earth plane.

Check out the work of Dr. Joe Dispenza for help with the manifestation process.

When you live a life of purpose, everyone around you benefits.

Much love out there today!

This is my creation of the Knight of Earth



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