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New Moon in Cancer

July 17, 2023

July 17, 2023

The King of Air reversed, The 10 of Water reversed and the King of Earth reversed

The 10 of Water is an interesting card. It seems to depict a stage in our evolutionary growth when everything is peachy keen.

A place where you will never encounter a negatively charged emotion again.

But we all know “that reality” doesn’t really exist on a permanent basis.

And, if it did, it would result in us no longer being able to handle the tougher emotions.

In actuality, we are better equipped for life when we experience a wide variety of emotions on a pretty regular basis.

We become accustomed to the changing weather and are stronger after each storm.

Maybe this information allows our thoughts to be processed in gentler ways.

We are so hard on ourselves aren’t we?

I’m not sure if I have felt this statement to the extent that I can feel it at this time.

We have been brought up in a World where we are protecting ourselves from everything. We only want high vibes, elevated thoughts, beautiful emotions and excellent behavior … and that is not remotely possible unless we disassociate ourselves from life.

After all, we came here to learn.

This type of thinking creates hard lines of “good” or “bad” and “all or nothing” thinking.

And, when we think in polarized ways the Universe quickly delivers the other polarity.

It works like a seesaw.

If it goes up quickly, it will come down quickly.

And, we run from one side to the other instead of residing in the middle.

We live in a culture that wishes to mask things.

We take drugs to cover up the problem.

Not to heal the issue.

To cover up the issue.

And, you can’t heal anything until you see it.

The Soul, speaks a different language though. It doesn’t matter how messy things look. The Soul has a job to do and it desires to get that job done.

If that means you experience apathy to fully understand how much you don’t like your “prestigious” job, then great!

The Soul says “let’s do that!”

Our Soul doesn’t care about the cultural norms of the day. It operates beyond time and the status quo of the day.

There is no “bad” or “good”, there just is.

Let’s just take a moment for this last concept.

… So, do we wish to move with our Soul, which is eternal, or do we wish to go with the transitory reality of the moment?

Back to our thinking.

We “beat ourselves up” for not living up to the transitory moral code of the day. However, we may be fully living the Truth of our Soul and the lessons and learning that come with that path.

In other words, we might be on the right track. Even when it doesn’t feel good.

This leads to the most important thing that we can do to effect change in our lives and in the World.

To love ourselves.

This is a tougher job than it seems. It requires daily practice.

It means we listen to the Divinity within ourselves instead of the ideas and reality of the time.

And, when, it is uncomfortable within our body, we stay on track until the body learns a new way of BEing.

Guide your behaviors that are “not on board” by loving them even more.

… like an adorable child that is having a temper tantrum.

It’s okay.

Change isn’t easy, but we are now learning through love instead of fear.

Acceptance instead of fighting.

Soft words and gentle caresses instead of harsh reprimands.

Here is a wonderful daily practice.

Align your will with your True Self’s will and with your Higher Self’s will.

We all have free will on this planet so we have to allow and invite if we desire assistance.

See what happens.

Learn through everyday life.

Don’t make yourself wrong. We are all learning. If we knew everything that this Earth plane had to offer we wouldn’t be here.

And! ... To paraphrase the amazing Guru Jagat, "we came to shake up this reality, not to be shook up by it."

Much love on this New Moon in Cancer!

These are my creations of The King of Air, The 10 of Water and the King of Earth.



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