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Pluto re-enters Aquarius

Pluto entered Aquarius last night, January 20, 2024, at 7:56pm EST. 

I was curious how it would feel.  

When Pluto dove into Aquarius last March through June, the energy felt ungrounded.  It seemed, at the time, that we were unsure how to fly in this new frequency.  

I think we needed more grounding and a better understanding of where we were going and why.

The last stint of Pluto in Capricorn has helped us understand individually, and collectively, that it is certainly time to move to something different. 

Many people may have had a tough time leaving the known at that time. 

This, of course, makes perfect sense, because it is all we have ever known.

Most that could see the necessity for change, did not understand how to implement these changes.

We only know what we know at any given time.

If we were still in Roman times we would think it was perfectly normal to have gladiators fighting.  That seems ridiculous right now, but certainly not then.  

And, perhaps we are now starting to see how ridiculous our systems really are.  

How we built them out of fear, scarcity and separateness.

I can feel the changes happening already through this vibrational shift of Pluto moving into Aquarius.

Aquarius on the high side is about networks, community, a breaking down to break through, freedom, telepathy, humanitarian groups, grassroots organizations, a collection of unique individuals, and connection to the higher mind (to name a few).  

In Tarot, Aquarius is represented by The Star card, which pictures an outpouring of love on Earth.  

The Star card shows how we are all different but of the same Source.  

The importance to follow your own North Star.  Not Sally’s or Tim’s or the status quo’s idea of a North Star.  

And, that this Star is actually inside of you.  


How is that for showing us why we want to dance to our own beat?

I am always tickled and excited when I think about everyone doing what they love instead of what they “need” to do for money.  

You can already feel this old idea of reality fading fast, can’t you?

What an amazing World we are walking into! 

A place where everyone shares their gifts.  

What a bountiful World.  

What an abundant World.

A place where we no longer agree with the idea of scarcity or lack.

And how is this done?  

By love of course.

Aquarius is about networks, and indeed we are all connected.  

We can call it God, Quantum, what have you, … but we definitely all come from the same Source.  We each contain the spark from that creative Source inside of us.  Our Star.

So when we talk to each other we are able to see, feel, hear and sense Source through the uniqueness of that person.  We could substitute “that person” with music, a dog, a blade of grass, a tree, etc., etc..

Pretty darn cool.

We have one final Pluto in Capricorn moment in September through November of this year.  Then Pluto will head back into Aquarius for the next 20 years on November 19, 2024.  

One more Pluto in Capricorn visit to take a good look at what we have collectively created before we begin to create a new reality.  

This is my creation of The Star card.

Much love on this Sunday!



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