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Full Moon in Virgo

Updated: Feb 23

February 24, 2024 7:30am EST

The Eight of Earth, The King of Air and The Page of Fire

I love how this read starts at the end and takes us back to the very beginning.

Growing us backwards to remember our reason for all this.

The read begins with a dedication and devotion to what we love to do.  

Building mastery moment by moment by focused attention. 

It then takes us back to our first spark of life.  

Reminding us why we came here in the first place.

The seed we were born with.  

The mission that we are on during this lifetime.

We come into this World inspired.  

Ready and willing to bring our passions and gifts to this life.  

Then we meet society, teachers, bosses, etc. that say, “Right, that will never happen.  Listen, play it safe and get a job that will earn you money.  Following your dreams will leave you broke.  Settle it down.  People will think you are crazy.”

I was lucky enough to have a Grandmother that couldn’t care less about playing it safe and the soul crushing ways of the World.  Instead she would produce a crystal bowl filled with candy, motion for us to take what we like and then say “Tell me everything that you can’t tell your parents.”  A large smile would span across her face and her eyes would twinkle.

It was all so delicious.  She delighted in us and vice versa.  

She didn’t tell us how to be.  Instead she welcomed our full expressions even when we were muddy and running around with wild abandon. 


I guess, truth be told, my Grandmother was a soul whisperer.  

Later in life, long after my Grandmother had passed, I was lucky to meet another rebel spirit.  She was my boyfriend’s mother.  

I was used to meeting fuddy duddy adults, even though I was probably 50 at the time.  So when my boyfriend wanted me to meet his parents one night, I said, “How about tomorrow?”  

He insisted that we see them that night and I was immediately grateful.

We continued dating for a couple of years and I would go visit his family in the mountains.  

Sometimes she would tell her son that she needed to borrow me for a bit.  

We would sit at the kitchen table and talk Astrology, Tarot, Reiki, writing, painting, spiritually and life.  

I’ll never forget a message she left me after I had sent her Reiki (energy work).  

She was so proud of me and what I was doing.  She encouraged me to follow my passions.  

You know, all the things you want to hear from your mother.  

As a matter of fact she was everyone’s Mom and asked us all to call her that.


Even though she and my Grandmother are gone from this Earth plane, they each have a presence in my home and on my property (altar areas if you wish).

We need people that help us grow young not old.  

If you aren’t careful, this World will have you believing that a responsible adult is a person that works a job that pays well but sucks the life out of you.

Playing it safe and hoping to live once you retire is the name of this game.

But what about our responsibility to our passions?

If we follow the path that inspires us we probably will not want to retire.

Why would we?

And if you love what you do, you will be abundant in all the ways.

Isn’t that why we came here?

To bring the Divine down to Earth one soul at a time by following our joy and sharing it with others.

Many people would see this as playing around.  Not growing up.  

And maybe, on some days it is.

One of my friends once told me that when she retires she wants to do what I do.  She looked at me and said, “you just play all day”.

Now that is where this dream gets tricky. 

There are times that I can’t wait to get to my work, but certainly not always.  Sometimes it feels like pulling your insides out.  

It can be downright painful.  

Working with your Soul is like that.  

It never lacks intensity.

But I do it anyway.

Again and again.

Because I can’t imagine doing anything else.

Because this is what gives me life.

And, the parts of me that wish to play it safe or fit in with society, slowly loose their death grip and join in the dance that gifts life.

After all, it is the only responsible choice to make if you are growing younger.

Much love on this Full Moon in Virgo!

These are my creations of The 8 of Earth, The King of Air and The Page of Fire

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