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New Moon in Capricorn

January 11, 2024 6:57am

The 10 of Air, The Hanged Man reversed and The Lovers

Collective Read

This New Moon in Capricorn chart is pretty spectacular.  

Mercury conjunct the Galactic Center, Venus conjunct the Great Attractor, Haumea conjunct the Shapley Attractor, the Sun and Moon square the nodal axis, Uranus trine the Sun and Moon, Mercury square Neptune, Mercury finishing up the final 32 degrees of its current cycle with Pluto, and … there is more, but I’ll stop here.

Now this might sound like a whole lot of mumbo jumbo.  So forget about those details for now and know that our relationship with the reality we have previously known is about to change dramatically.  

Have you ever heard someone say that our words casts spells and that is why we call it spelling?

We label things good or bad, right or wrong, etc. etc. and that is how it plays out … just like we created it.  

We are such amazing creators that we create our own reality … and perhaps, because many of us don’t really know what we are doing, it is usually not to our benefit.

But what if we just allowed things to be what they were without any name, judgment, or fear attached?

What if we could just let it all flow through us?  

I absolutely love this thought and the image that I have in my head!

To make the choice to simply allow these life experiences to flow through us.

There would be no resistance.  Just flow, movement and growth.

Can you imagine how it would feel to have all that life force energy flowing through you without fighting it?

I love this! 

This is why we came here … to truly experience life.

Not to judge or fear, but to experience.

And, once we stop making ourselves and others wrong, we can all heal.  

We can put down our swords, leave our fear at the door and simply BE love.  

Many of you reading this already know that we are in the midst of a tremendous shift here on planet Earth.  

Therefore, it would stand to reason that we need to leave our old perceptions behind and be open to a new paradigm.

I am not here to convince you that love changes everything or that allowance vs. resistance allows us to have a smoother more enjoyable ride, I’m just saying you might like to experiment with it.

Next time you are about to judge yourself or another, or you are about to label something as good or bad, you could try something different.  

Perhaps you decide that maybe, just maybe, this could be the best thing that ever happened.  Or, at the very least, it could be an interesting experience.  

Leave the need to play it safe behind too.

After all, when we are no longer here on Earth, we’ll be missing these moments when “the shit went down”.  

You know … the moments when your Soul is on fire with this experience of life and truly knows that a tremendous beneficial shift is happening inside of you.  

A shift that you carry with you when you exist this Earth plane as the eternal being that you are.


Much love on this New Moon in Capricorn!

The last New Moon in Capricorn with Pluto in Capricorn until 2254.

These are my creations of The 10 of Air, The Hanged Man and The Lovers cards.



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