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Tarot is pure magic. I am always amazed by the cards that arrive specifically for my client.


I have A LOT of Tarot decks! 


Different decks present their own unique interpretations of a similar theme. I usually find that the client’s message wouldn’t have been expressed as potently with another deck. The deck that presents itself for a read, does so for a reason (of course!). It’s crazy good :)


The way Spirit speaks through the cards is nothing short of magical, profound and life changing. Tarot brings in a message as a pin point that quickly becomes an expansion point. It appears to be pulled down from the sky but then turns into a grounding tool. Connecting the above to the below and allowing for integration. Magician energy for sure.




I developed a technique where I bring the Tarot in and out of the Astrology chart for deeper, individualized guidance. What is interesting to me is that I often get a different view on the planets and placements in the chart through the cards.


You know how sometimes you hear the same thing said different ways until one day you hear it in a way that snaps everything into focus for you?  This magic often happens when I bring the Tarot into a chart.




$150./hour read with natal/transit chart

$200./1.5 hour read with natal/transit chart

* Smaller reads are available by request and at in-person events.

* Timing for Tarot readings can range from 15/20 minutes to an hour and a half.  



I studied Tarot with my friend Ash-lee Jeanne who is an extremely talented reader. What fun that was!  It was like someone quickly pulled back a veil. I was mesmerized. We met on weekend mornings and the time went by too quickly. I just never wanted the magic to end. Tarot is another modality that I’ll never get to the bottom of. It just keeps giving me more.


I am in the midst of creating a Tarot deck as I write this, in April 2023. It is an amazing privilege to explore an art form with such history and tradition. The cards run deep and include ancient wisdom such as Astrology, Numerology and the Qabalah, to name a few.

All photography and design Copyright © Stephanie Chesson 2023

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