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Featured Tarot Card: The King of Fire

Updated: May 29, 2023

Fire of Fire

Neptune represents Kings in the Tarot. Divine Wisdom.

This is inspired, creative and expansive energy.

The spark of life.

Constantly searching for new possibilities.

Moving faster than the speed of light.

Masculine dynamic energy.

Pure energy.

Our energy breathes life into our ideas, creations and manifestations.

Our energy infuses what we touch.

So you can see the advantage of allowing our energy to reside in a peaceful place. I’m picturing a beautiful field with flowers, blue skies, animals, and a stream. There is no fire in sight - ha!

But Fire burns.

It burns away the dross. It burns away the old.

Leaving the soil more fertile than it was before.

It provides space for new life to grow.

We all have these Fire filled places within ourselves.

Often we wish to cover them up in order to look and act appropriate in this world.

But if we never address this energy it runs our show from behind the scenes.

Lately, when I feel frustrated or angry at something external I look inside to see where the fight and division is within me.

It simply can not be seen externally by me if it isn’t present internally.

What if we utilized fire to awaken these burning areas of ourselves in safe ways?

Burning away what is no longer needed.

Those parts within us that feel alone, unseen or persecuted.

Perhaps we put on a show or play for our family where we let it all out. Maybe we go for a quiet run so we burn energy while we process our thoughts. We could scream in the shower or in the car. One of my favorites is to go outside and pull weeds in the garden or tire myself out with yard work. This gives me time to process while burning energy.

This is transformation.

This is alchemy.

This is releasing the old so that something new can be born.

And this is the territory and my creation of The King of Fire.

All photography and design Copyright © Stephanie Chesson 2023


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