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Full Moon in Leo

Full Moon in Leo

January 25, 2024

12:54pm EST

Collective Read

8 of Water, King of Earth and 6 of Earth

We live in an upside down flip flopped over reality don’t we?  

Ha!  That makes me think of that SpongeBob song, “Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?” - We do!

Many of us have grown up and become accustomed to these weird rules, morality codes and hierarchies.  But, that certainly doesn’t mean they are the Truth.

I remember talking to someone on the phone who said, “It’s okay, she comes from a good family.”  It upset me so much that I can even remember exactly where I was standing when I heard this statement.  

We all know this is code for a family with money.  I did not take to this idea well and pointed out that that they didn’t even know this lady’s family.  Then I said (couldn’t help myself), “ You and I both know you are just saying that they have money.”

It really is odd isn’t it?  

When I was younger I was so perplexed that people often wanted to send gifts to people that had a lot of money. Perhaps they wanted to be in their good graces.

Recently I heard about a wealthy school that has tons of money but also has people sending them money without them even asking for it.  But what about the schools without a lot of resources?

Again, interesting world.

I guess it is hard to look at what we don’t want in our own lives.  So we make it “bad”.

With my practices rooted in the mystical (Tarot, Astrology, Reiki) I work on this conditioning daily.  There simply aren’t good and bad people.  There are just people.  

We all come from the same Source and we are all loved and valued equally by that Source.

I am listening to “The Whole Language” by Gregory Boyle who is the founder of @homeboyindustries.

For those not familiar with Gregory Boyle, he works with former gang members in LA.  He brings them into his life as his sons and daughters and gives them employment, if he can.  But mostly he LOVES them.

He speaks in this book about something that I have often thought about.  The idea of sinners and the notion that we are not “good enough”.  I agree with him wholeheartedly that God thinks we are good enough from the get go.  After all, God doesn’t make mistakes.

I was talking with a lady recently who told me she believed in “Hell”.  

She was having amazingly painful headaches and I had wanted to know what was stressful in her life.

I didn’t want to get into belief systems with someone that wasn’t asking for that, so I let it be … But life is pretty stressful if we are constantly trying to be good enough to be loved and to stay out of “Hell”.

It’s like a ditch you can’t dig out of.

So there’s that.

And then the moral code that we reinforce.

Isn’t it crazy that we take kids and adults that are from broken homes and plop them in jails and label them as “bad, worse, or the worst”?

Where would we be if we grew up with drug use, abuse, no money, no parents at home because they are working 3 jobs, etc.?

Everyone needs love.

It is the “Whole Language”.

One of the former gang members that Gregory Boyle mentions in this book, comes into his office and asks if he can be his son.  When Gregory tells him that he couldn’t be prouder to have him as a son he breaks down with sobs and tells a story of his upbringing and all the abuse.  It is unbelievable.

We often forget the “whole person”.

As we create this new reality together, perhaps we use the word “whole”.  



All from the same Source.

Perhaps, instead of judging that which we can not understand, we love instead.  

Now that doesn’t mean judgment won’t flit through our brain, it just means that we don’t choose to engage with it.

It’s simply a choice.

I think of the 6 of Earth as being a card of giving people what they need (which is not always what they want).  

We may all want more money, a bigger house, a prettier yard, new Jordans, etc. but what we all need is more love.

Happy Full Moon in Leo on this Thursday (Jupiter’s day)!

Jupiter, among other things, is about mercy, compassion and forgiveness.

I’ll sign off with a @paulselig quote that may not be exact “You can’t make anything Holy. It’s already Holy.” 

So we can deny the Divine but it is indeed alive and well in all.

Much love,


These are my creations of the 8 of Water, The King of Earth and the 6 of Earth

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