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Aries North Node/Libra South Node

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

July 17, 2023

We have some Astrological weather going on this week!

There is a lot going on, but I thought I would focus on the Nodal Axis shift for now.

Yesterday, right after the New Moon in Cancer, the Nodes of the Moon shifted from the Taurus/Scorpio axis to the Aries/Libra axis.

Taurus and Scorpio are fixed signs. They stay in a space and create from that space. That means they don't move as easily. So we can feel stuck.

Now stuck is good because we have to feel it, see it, know it, experience it, etc. before we can move it.

Aries and Libra are cardinal signs. They are directional and they move.

So, the energy is going to start moving out there!

The Karmic Nodes of the Moon point us towards our collective destiny and balances out the side that has been overused.

Right now, as a collective, we are moving towards Aries energy.

This energy will be present until January 11, 2025.

Aries is pure energy. It is RAW, instinctual and animalistic. Aries is always ready for an adventure. They like to forge their own path and go their own way. Aries represents the individual. The "I AM". It rules the head. The planet associated with Aries is Mars. This is Fire energy.

When we are born we come in as pure energy. We like what we like, we say what we want, etc., etc.. But our parents, teachers, and other societal figures tell us, "don't do that. I like it when you are this way, not that way." And, well, we want to be liked especially by those that help us get our needs met. So we compromise parts of ourselves and push down those parts of ourselves that are "not acceptable."

We do need to consider others for sure. That is so important. But not to the extent that we are no longer living in our own energy.

People with strong Aries signatures know that when they feel an impulse it is meant to be acted on as quickly as possible.

Utilized in a high way this can BE pure energy from Spirit.

Libra is about "the other" and our relationships.

Those of us with strong Libra energy can be more concerned about others than ourselves.

Meanwhile, Aries energy asks us to put our own oxygen mask on first.

Libra is ruled by Venus and is an Air sign. It loves harmonizing and communicating with others.

Libra energy is gracious and beautiful. It represents the ability to see the gifts in the other.

However, it can be tough to tap into yourself if you are constantly concerned about what others like. And, none of us came to this Earth plane to ignore our desires and constantly please others.

As a Libra South Node I used to find it extremely tough to know what I wanted, but, I could certainly feel what other people desired.

I still sometimes need time by myself to know if I want to do something or if I am just feeling the excitement from the other person.

The pull of others is very strong for me ... but I do have a lot of Libra energy in my chart!

Okay, back to this nodal shift!

During this time we will be moving towards trusting our gut responses and following our own desires.

This energy is so helpful. It is like being a young kid and saying to the adults "I do it myself" when they want to do it for us. Do you see the power in that statement!

We will be moving away from BEing what others desire us to be, as well as people pleasing and going along with the crowd just to be liked and fit in.

I have been feeling strong Aries energy since 2020 and am so excited for this time. When we all step into our individual energy, and do what we love to do, the World will be rich with possibility.

Right now, Pluto is in a very tight square to the Nodes. This aspect will remain for most of this year, but it will get a bit looser in December.

Pluto square the nodal axis can feel precarious for sure!

The collective is desiring to move towards their own energy, their own individual pursuits, but, with Pluto square the Nodes, we are going to have to untangle ourselves from the need to please others first. And, stop caring what others want us to BE.

Pluto represents our deepest security needs. And, you can understand why being liked (Libra) can be important for your well being and survival, especially in ancient times. But, if that is what drives us, then we are never doing what we want to do.

Aries allows us freedom to BE ourselves.

In the words of Abraham Hicks, do what "taps you in, turns you on and gets you excited."

And we want everyone on this planet to bring their inspiration and raw energy to all that they do.

This time frame that we are in, and have been in for a while, is a huge shift in consciousness. We are evolving quickly.

Thank yourself for doing this work.

The whole World benefits from it.

AND ... We are releasing the conditioning of fear on this planet so we can learn through love. How beautiful is that?!

Remember that on the other side is the absolute freedom of being you.

If this journey were easy to do we would have already done it ... But the time is now, so of course we are ready for this Aries journey and prepared to step onto our individual path.

For best results align your will with your True Self's will and your Higher Self's will daily.

Much love out there!

These are my creations of the Aries card which is The Emperor and The Libra card with is Justice.



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