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New Moon in Taurus

May 7, 2024 11:21pm

The Ace of Air, The Knight of Earth and the King of Fire

The cards for this read are very simple. 

An Ace, a Knight and a King.  

When I drew these cards, I questioned if this was really the right read.  

The answer was “Yep”.

There is so much alchemy going on within these cards though.  

And, large things are often delivered in small packages.

Last week, Pluto in Aquarius turned retrograde and will head back into Capricorn for one last romp before going in to Aquarius on November 19, 2024. 

Pluto always stays in its shadow.  This means it transverses over territory that we have already covered. Which allows time for us to learn and grow.

For me, this final hurrah in Capricorn, and back to Aquarius, represents a huge step up for humanity.  

Pluto is going back over the ground that we covered from January 9, 2024 until May 2, 2024.  

What has happened in your life since January 9?

Many people have told me that their life is overwhelming.

And I agree.

But, we have leveled up.

So our challenges (or opportunities, as I like to say) are larger as well.

Therefore, we are being invited to step fully into a new arena.  

A new playing field.

To know ourselves as powerful.

To embrace what comes our way with gratitude instead of fear.

To play our part of the creation process.

But, when we level up, the body needs to catch up since it runs a bit slower than the rest of the party.

The body will want to do what it has always done. 

“Remember, how you like to freak out when this happens?  So, let’s do it.” 

“You know how you like to overeat when life is extra?  Here we go!”

But, don’t take the bait!

However, if you do, I bet you'll find that there isn’t much “oomph” behind our old behaviors.  

It is simply an old habit that can be left behind.

You my dear, have expanded and grown.

Study your life from early January to early May.  

Look at the places where you did not feel powerful enough.  Where something seemed to be too much.  

What were the themes?

We have the gift of going back over this ground until February 2025.

And, can make different choices this time, if we wish.

Let’s think about the journey of the Soul for a moment.

The Soul comes back to Earth to address a place where it has met its limitations. 

A place where it has given away its power to something external, and, believes itself lacking in this area.

But, of course, we are WAY more powerful than we can ever imagine.  And, there is nothing that's outside of us.  

Everything is birthed from within.

You know when there is a world record in the sports world, and everyone believes that nobody can jump higher than that high jumper? 

It can’t be done.

Until someone does.

Then, all of a sudden, you see athletes start to hit that mark again and again.  

They just didn’t know they could do it until it was done.

Then they believed.

So your job is to believe.

Believe you are powerful enough to handle anything and everything that is in your life. 

Everything else is simply an illusion.

Burn down any behaviors or habits that waste time or leave you depleted.

Look at what is in your orbit and clean it up.  

Surround yourself with life, and allow what is dying to burn away into the ethers.

Then dance on the embers.

Dance in the Chaos.

Because Chaos is how everything is birthed.

And yes indeed, these are good times.

Align with your True Self and Higher Self (your Soul).

Let them drive your ship.

This is the great break down to break through.

Forget the logic and follow your Soul.

Your Soul knows where you are going.

Much love on this New Moon in Taurus!

These are my creations of the Ace of Air, The Knight of Earth and the King of Fire.



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