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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra

3:00am EST

The Knight of Water, The Lovers, and The Two of Fire all reversed

Love is always the answer.  

Every Single Time. 

So what is holding you back from pouring more love into yourself?

After all, it is the solution to everything.

The division we see in the World is the division that lies within us.  

What we don’t love in others we don’t love in ourselves.

The answer?

Love yourself more.

After all, we can only love others as much as we love ourselves.

I was aware of the Astrological signs at a very young age.  

I noticed that I would often find myself surrounded by one particular sign.  Then another group would come in, and then another.  

I would call it a parade of Leos, Cancers, Scorpios, etc.. 

I instinctively knew what this was showing me.

We have all the archetypes within us.  

Some get more air time than others, but they are all there.

People that represent a certain archetype to us, are simply showing us a reflection of ourselves within that archetype.

For example, if I have a tough time with the Aries archetype, I am likely to attract an Aries that matches how I feel about Aries.  

And, that archetype represents a part of me even if I don’t have any planets in Aries (which I actually do:).

This is just one example of how we divide and then say, “I don’t like those people.”

But “those people” came from the same source as you and will go back to the same source as you.

We are all one.

Therefore, when we take sides or divide we are actually fighting ourself.

As an Astrologer, it is my job to love all the signs.  

And I truly do.  

I see them as different perspectives and lessons that make up our whole experience.

I like to study the lessons that each archetype brings while consciously aligning to the highest expression that I can reach at that time.  

This is a fun and productive experiment.

As I change the reflection changes.

Now this is simple when I am looking at a person’s chart. 

It’s tougher when many things are happening simultaneously and our triggers are firing off wildly in different directions.

Or, should I say, it is WAY more challenging in real life.

But, again, love is the answer.

Pick yourself up, dust yourself off.  

Believe in yourself.  

Trust yourself.

Love yourself.

Study what this lesson means to YOU.

And don’t waste your time fighting or speaking ill of yourself.  

Love yourself through it all.

Then one day we’ll see something new on the horizon.

All that love will be reflected right back to us.

Showing up as a whole new World ready and willing for us to dive on in.

The World we created from love.

Much love on this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra!



These are my creations of The Knight of Water, The Lovers, and The 2 of Fire

For more information on my services go to or DM me!

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