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Full Moon in Aquarius

August 1, 2023

The Hierophant, The Tower reversed and the King of Swords reversed

My neighbor called me the other day with an exciting breakthrough which was: We are all of The Divine, The Creator, God … whatever you wish to call it. Therefore we are all an aspect of that Creator.

Yes! Yes! Yes! I loved getting this call!

New thought forms are the way I change and grow.

Eventually that thought takes up residence in my body.

When this happens I BE the thought instead of merely thinking the thought.

Then I am cooking.

But this takes as long as it takes for me to truly Know the teaching.

My neighbor’s idea was brought to me by Paul Selig’s work with The Guides around 2017 which landed more solidly in my system in 2020.

However, I am still learning and awakening to this concept in the classroom of daily life: The Creator, Divine, God is in everything.


The Divine is even in that which refutes The Divine. It is just being denied.

Every single one of us is a powerful creator.

Therefore, we are all creating our reality and contributing to the collective reality.

This is how powerful we are.

The Guides often say, “What you damn, damns you back. What you love, loves you back.”

I am still on my journey of seeing The Divine in everything.

This is especially hard when I see pain, despair, hunger, abuse, etc..

Now, this doesn’t mean I need to agree to pain, it means I can accept what I see and send love.

This allows change.

When I become unhappy with what I encounter, I am contributing to what I don’t want instead of creating what I do want.

What I encounter is my teacher and my invitation to love more.

On this Earth, we have been conditioned to believe that only a few hold the keys to the Divine and to leadership.

While this idea has certainly been debunked a lot while I have been alive, I do believe that we continue to have a hard time understanding that we create reality. We hold that much power.

It is easier to shrug it off and blame another for sure … but that is not productive and is a denial of who we truly are and why we are here.

Acceptance is a wonderful guide when we receive a huge pile of what we don’t want.

Moving into acceptance instead of damning and denying.

After all, it could not be in our reality if we didn’t need to learn from it.

Now I don’t want to make this seem easy. I know a lot of people that are having amazingly hard times that I would not want to experience myself.

And for me, this year has been one of the most challenging years that I can remember.

So there is big growth happening.

And it is more than okay to be wherever you are.

I actually find it quite useful to stare the lesson in the eye. To study it.

This is how I finally get up and walk away from what no longer serves me … by having to live it, feel it, bathe in it, etc.. I won’t change if I don’t see it.

The folks that have decided to come to this Earth plane for big evolution and growth may be going through more than others. So there is no judgment. We don’t know what another is here to learn. They may be living through a pretty tough lesson that we would not be ready to embrace. So there is grace and respect for everyone as they walk their own path.

This is a time of enormous change, and, because we wish to create something new, things are breaking down.

That which is no longer serving us is being ripped apart.

The new, higher vibration that has arrived can not be held by structures that were created through fear.

So, instead of following the rules of systems that are breaking down, we could move to a new way of BEing.

Perhaps we align to the creator within us and allow that aspect of ourself to guide us through this time of great change.

We may decide to accept responsibility for the World that we see. Deciding to do more of what we love, BE more of what we love, and therefore create more love on this plane instead of damning and blaming others.

Maybe we decide to live in the present moment and allow ourselves the surprise of not knowing what comes next. After all, we can only truly know in the present moment since the present moment is all that we have.

Much love on this Full Moon in Aquarius!

These are my creations of The Hierophant, The Tower and The King of Air.



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