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Jupiter conjunct the North Node in Taurus

Thursday, June 1, 2023

Jupiter conjunct the North Node in Taurus

I feel like this transit is a fast moving train that we will want to jump on.

This is a fun and adventurous image, isn’t it? Hopping on a train.

It’s wild and free, which feels like Jupiter’s influence on the Taurus archetype.

SO :)

Let’s do this!

This transit is exact at 8:42pm EST (adjust for your time zone).

I would spend a moment at this time breathing life into what you wish to grow in your world.

You could literally breathe while you are standing in nature, or, with your eyes shut picturing and feeling the life you desire.

Perhaps speak it out loud since Taurus rules the Throat.

Think of all that you have. Every little thing such as toothbrushes and spatulas that allow your life to be simpler.

Cultivate within your body an expansive amount of gratitude.

Use this gratitude to see and feel the generosity of Universe/Quantum/God.

This helps you KNOW that this is as real as the reality you see before you.

Get clear!

Your abundance comes from Source (whatever that means to you) not from our man made economic systems.

Have faith. And, with this expansion of gratitude, make a decision to focus on what gives you life as well as the ability to untangle yourself from that which does not.

Much love on this Jupiter day (Thursday)!

This is my creation of The Empress Card

The Empress Card is a Venus Card and Venus rules Taurus

What beautiful gift is inside of you that you would like to share with this Earth plane?



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