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Mars in Scorpio opposite Uranus in Taurus

November 11, 2023

What is your relationship to disruptive energy … the “Surprise” aspect that sometimes doesn’t look like what you want?

I was just listening to a post by @gurujagat about receptive energy and it was radically good.

It was about being receptive to literally everything.

That does not mean that you are powerless. It means that you decide to dance and have a dialogue with what comes your way, because what comes your way is always meant for you.

So you actively engage with it instead of fighting it.

You truly look at it and ask what it is here to show you.

I love the idea of having a conversation on a higher level about what is present.

It softens us and allows new perspectives to arise.

Any time we level up, a new level of polarity presents itself. A new test if you will.

And if we are receptive and allow, perhaps we move through life easier.

Have you ever been in that space right after a really good energy session, read, realization, etc. and you feel like “ahhhhh! I have made it!” Just to have a newer and bigger lesson present itself?

Do we double down and say, “oh no, not again!” Or do we embrace this lesson?

Are we welcoming or shunning this evolutionary process?

And, do you know that you have the power within you to face anything that comes your way?

It would not be coming up if you weren’t ready.

I believe that this time frame is when we decide to stop being a victim in our life and understand that we are NEVER alone. We always have support. And this is a huge game changer in the play of life.

We have two planets opposing each other that are about surprise or change that arrives unexpectedly like a lightening bolt. We could be shocked and upset or we could choose to be receptive.

Mars and Uranus on the high side are about freedom and liberation in an accelerated way.

What if everything that “comes out of the blue” is actually knocking loose the debris that holds us back?

The Fool card is a Uranus card and the Zero card. It holds nothing and everything at the same time. It is about embracing the unknown. Going with the flow of a higher energy and feeling completely supported.

This is the state we are in when we have put down our burdens.

To me this card holds an innocence. We may be looking at the World we have always known but we are seeing it with new eyes.

The Tower card is a Mars card. It is a card of surprise and change. Something comes in that disrupts the normal, but in doing so our energy changes and we have the ability to view things with a fresh vision. Our head turns in a new direction.

Much love on this Saturday!

These are my creations of The Fool card and The Tower card.



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