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New Moon in Scorpio

November 13, 2023

The Queen of Earth, The 4 of Air reversed, The Hermit reversed

When we know we are connected to everybody and everything, we gain a fresh perspective.

To say this another way, when we know that the Divine/God/Universe is in everything and everybody then we move through this World differently.

We can lay down our swords and take a much needed mental rest.

If you know who you truly are, then you know who others are as well and there is no reason to take up arms, judge or fight.

We can simply love.

Fear does not evolve.

But love is transformational.

On this New Moon in Scorpio, start with yourself.

Keep interrupting yourself every time you are anxious, speaking ugly to yourself or making judgments about another.

Bring the presence of the Divine into the moment.

Feel it. Open your eyes and see what looks different.

When I do this, everything looks like it is growing.

And, I gain insight.

In reality, nothing is outside of the Divine/God/Universe.

We are the ones that say, “The Divine can not be here.”

We deny it. The Divine is still there but we are choosing not to see it.

According to The Guides that @paulselig channels, this is the biggest problem we have here on Earth,

The following is a self help tool that I utilize daily. Please try it if you like.

As you go throughout your day, look for the Divine in everything and anything you witness.

See The Divine in the chores that you do, the dog poop you pick up, the pile of dishes that you don’t feel like doing, in the argument you witness on the street, etc.. While God is everywhere, perhaps it is not being witnessed or seen.

Take a moment and make the choice to see it. It is simply a choice and an intention.

Feel the burden release from your shoulders and the anxiousness leave your body.

Know that everything is working out.

See The Divine where others may not. Hold that Truth and vision so that others can connect to it.

Practice receptivity towards what shows up throughout the day.

Send it all love and see what happens.

Don’t judge yourself when you feel like you didn’t do as well as you had wished.

Remember we are all learning and we grow best with love and playfulness.

This is how we create a new World.

And it is much easier than we think.

Much love on this New Moon in Scorpio.

These are my creations of the Queen of Earth, The 4 of Air and The Hermit.



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