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Pluto in Aquarius opposite Venus in Leo

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

June 5, 2023

We have had a grand fixed cross in the skies, and therefore in our lives here on Earth, since mid May.

Have you felt a bit stuck since then?

I have, but, I'm now learning to work with this energy and cultivate the strength and the power to move through my processes a little quicker.

You know what is nice about being stuck? It means that something new is coming in.

Like I said, this is a grand fixed cross, and fixed signs are about creating. They focus and stabilize the energy, the physical material, the emotion, the idea, etc..

They work with energy that feels like it won't move and create solutions within this area of our life.

Mars was, and still is loosely, part of this grand fixed cross. But as Mars moves out of position, Venus moves in.

I feel like this translates to us beginning to see our collective power as well as our ability to drive sustainable change.

This makes my heart sing!

What did you do yesterday, on June 5th when Pluto was exactly opposite Venus? Did you find yourself playing more? Did you create something that made your life more beautiful? Was it something of high value to you? Did you focus on what mattered to YOU?

If so, great job. Please keep it up! Your future self will thank you!

With Pluto in Aquarius and Venus in Leo we will want to bring our ideas down to play.

Don't keep those ideas stuck in your head! Let them out!

Venus is asking us to utilize the gifts that are inside of us. Perhaps you have always wanted to write a book, take acting classes, paint, sing, start a new business, etc., etc.

Do it!

Now is the time to create the life you desire!

After all, life is a play and we are the director of our own show. Each and every one of us.

Set the stage and let it flow!

It IS the time to share our gifts with others.

I truly believe that the solutions to our "problems" will literally begin popping out of the ethers as we start sharing what we love with humanity.

The World needs the strength of your creative power ... and, it does require strength to step into the spotlight.

Don't worry if your creations don't make "logical" sense. Life is an art form and art defies logic. This is your unique expression and vibration. No one has ever seen it done your way before.

This is my creation of The Strength Card which is a Leo card.

When you are creating your dreams, remember to really anchor in your vision. Hold that vision with all your power. Don't let it drop. This way, others can reach your vision as well!

Have fun out there while Venus is in Leo!

Much love,


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