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Saturn in Pisces square the Sun in Sagittarius

November 23, 2023

Today is Thanksgiving. A day we give thanks and celebrate the goodness of life, and each other.

This year we are also gifted with the transformative and creative energy of the Sun square Saturn.

We gain freedom in our lives when we trust ourselves and have faith in something larger.

This amplifies when we are able to hold a more neutral perspective about our world.

Sagittarius on a low end could be dogmatic and hold limiting beliefs.

“We will always have war.” or “Those people will never change.”

And that belief then becomes our experience in life … because we are creators.

But we are certainly capable of changing our beliefs once we see how this works.

Pisces on the low end could feel powerless amongst the vastness of the Universe.

But Pisces also contains the magic to flip this script by aligning itself to a greater power.

This creative square allows us to create something new by bringing these two energies together.

So let’s definitely focus on the high side of these two signs.

Sagittarius on the high end is about having faith as well as the ability to zoom out and see a higher perspective.

Sagittarius, and its ruler Jupiter, show us how our beliefs shape our reality, and, how they show up as repeating patterns in our life.

The beliefs we hold become our day to day life until we are able to see the pattern that we have created.

Then we are gifted a new found freedom and enthusiasm in life.

Sagittarius is also about Natural Law, different cultures, Truth and learning through experience.

Pisces on the high side is about trusting the larger creative power (God/Universe/Divine).

Knowing that everything is a blessing.

And that God is in everything and everybody.

Pisces holds neutrality.

Things are not good or bad. They just are.

Unconditional love is another one of Pisces gifts.

Loving without needing anything in return.

Pisces is also about imagination, creativity and the gift of magic in our lives.

Now let’s talk about the planets.

The Sun is about our vision, our purpose, our self actualization and our strength. The Sun helps us magnetize what we want to us.

With the Sun in Sagittarius we are able to lift higher to get a wider view. Perhaps we even look at our place within the vastness of the Cosmos.

Saturn is about what we are here to learn and what we make concrete in our reality. This planet gifts us our lessons.

With Saturn in Pisces we are learning that we are all swimming in the same sea. That everything and everybody is made of that same magical stardust albeit different aspects of that stardust.

It is about creating through love and dissolving the fear.

But we do have to step back (Sagittarius) and look at what we have created up to this point. And, to take ownership of our creation, without judgment of self and others (which is honestly just a big waste of time. Then we can begin creating what we actually want).

Here is a quote from Robert C. Hunter and Jerome J. Garcia that reminds me of this astrological aspect:

“Once in a while, you get shown the light in the strangest of places if you look at it right.”

Enjoy creating!

These are my creations of Temperance which is a Sagittarius card and The Moon which is a Pisces card.



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