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Saturn in Pisces opposite Mars in Virgo

July 20, 2023

This transit brings to mind an @PaulSelig teaching.

It is an attunement that begins like this:

“I know who I am in Truth

I know what I am in Truth

I know how I serve in Truth”


Paul has often said that “how you serve” has nothing to do with what you do. You can be in service by being a dentist, a teacher a healer, an artist, a mom, a dad, a business person, a plumber, etc..

It simply doesn’t matter what we choose. We serve by how we BE.

Paul has used the example of walking through a garden. We are changed by the garden’s presence not by anything the garden does.

The flowers are just BEing.

The Virgo card in the Tarot is The Hermit.

The Hermit card has many interpretations, but one interpretation, is about someone that is continually walking towards their inner light.

Not in a hurry or worry type way, but in a slow and patient manner … and, with the understanding the everything is always in flux.

I find daily practices so helpful.

Every morning I sit down to my Paul Selig practices.

Lately I have added in Kundalini and the Hawaiian practice called Ho’oponopono with amazing results.

We simply can’t get to all our stuff. Much of it is unconscious, some of it is ancestral and a lot of it is tough for us to see given our current perspective.

I find all of the above modalities beyond helpful. They bring peace and love to my system.

For example, I can read one sentence from a Paul Selig book and be in a higher vibration.

All these practices allow me to truly see that everyday and every moment is my teacher.

The reality that I see is my creation.

And, if I don’t like it, I go back to myself.

There is no right or wrong. I am where I am and, of course, that will change as well.

We’ll never be done.

There is no finish line.

We are continually evolving and growing.

So, the more I love myself, the more I become love.

And then, the more I BE love.

This is how we change the World. By becoming human beings instead of human doings.

I absolutely love it!

This is my creation of The Hermit Card.

Much love!



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